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    daz got a reaction from Mark43 in Libertad Photo Thread...   
    1875 libertad

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    daz got a reaction from seXes in Today I Received   
    Trevithick and ww2 silver proof two pounds both really nice coins imo

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    daz reacted to BackyardBullion in **NOVEMBER** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE   
    Hello everyone - Welcome to the NOVEMBER 2017 Group Order from
    It is a great way to be able to pick up some cheap coins, without a huge delivery bill! 
    If you are interested in joining this order Please read the following carefully because joining this group order is at YOUR own risk. I cannot take responsibility for lost/damaged items ordered as part of this group order. 
    The way this works is simple. You will decide what you want and let me know. I will send you a screen dump of the basket and total on the GS.be website and then I will send you another screen dump from www.transferwise.com showing the conversion and total in £. You then send this via PayPal F&F or Banks transfer and as soon as I get the funds I will pull the trigger on GS.be for your order.
    PLEASE NOTE THAT I WILL NOT BE ORDERING CAPSULES AS THEY ARE NOT LABELLED BY GS.BE AND IT IS A NIGHTMARE TO ORGANISE! If you want capsules for your coins I suggest you buy them from ebay, often they are the same ones and actually about the same price!
    Once the order is closed - on this occasion I will close it on Sunday 26th November 2017 I will be in touch to arrange onward delivery and the share of international postage. 
    You will pay a % of the total postage from GS.be to me. The total is usually about £15. So if the total order is £1000 and you have ordered just one £20 coin then your share of this postage is about 30p. If you have ordered £200 out of £1000 then your total would be £3 etc. There is then onward postage to you from me, which will be of your choice and depend on the level of insurance and type of service you want. It is also dependant on the weight of your order. Please note that the maximum that you can send via Royal Mail Special delivery for a decent price is 2kg. Anything more than 2kg total will not be worth it for you to order via me - I am still happy to do it but you will be better off ordering directly from GS.be yourself!
    If we get over €5,000 then there will be NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS!
    At this stage I will also be including an "optional service charge" of £1 per person. I will not be offended if you do not want to pay it but just consider it a tip for my time and energy in arranging and parcelling up everything!
    We then settle up the remaining amount you owe me and when the coins come I will get them shipped out to you!
    What does Backyard Bullion get out of this? I get to unbox everything for my YouTube channel! I also get to join in on the cheap shipping for anything I want to buy!
    What happens in the event of an issue with delivery from GS.be? I will act as the point of contact for sorting out any issues with missing coins or lost/damaged deliveries. However I cannot be held financially responsible for any such losses or damage. By agreeing to be part of this group order you acknowledge and understand this. 
    Does Backyard Bullion charge for this service? I am not charging for this service - I am doing it to help keep costs of ordering silver down for people. However this is a particularly time consuming operation and I will be including an "optional service charge" of £1 per person which can be paid (or not...this is totally optional!) when we sort out the onwards postage. 
    Is it worth it to join? Yes - the more people that join and buy, the cheaper it gets for everyone involved! Buy one coin, buy 10 coins! I am happy to order whatever you like!
    If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to ask here or via PM. 
    The Group order is now open and will close on Sunday 26th November 2017 This means that I would expect the coins to be delivered to me by 10th December and then onward to you by 14th - 15th December. Please note that there may be delays, and if there are then I will let everybody know!
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    daz reacted to Jester in Today I bought.....   
    Really stoked about this purchase...
    A beautiful 1902 Half Crown

    The grey-scale toning on this 1900 Florin's reverse is mesmerizing.

    The other elusive EVII Sixpence, the 1905, in good condition with an even gunmetal tone.

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    daz reacted to kimchi in 2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary (Royal Mint)   
    I like these Star Wars coins. But who's the one behind Yoda?
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    daz got a reaction from 649tom in Proof Rwanda 1oz Nautical Santa Maria   
    I'll happily vouch for @Silvergun , I've purchased off him with no problems whatsoever
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    daz reacted to gazer in Silver Full Crowns   
    Thank you for your message, iv calmed down now,i think you are right it's just a little shock coming back without any grading. 
    Cheers Daz 🐼
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    daz got a reaction from augur in Today I bought.....   
    Id be a bit worried if the packaging on the 100g said monkey like on the first pic !
  9. Haha
    daz got a reaction from augur in Today I bought.....   
    Id be a bit worried if the packaging on the 100g said monkey like on the first pic !
  10. Haha
    daz reacted to JCRJM in Goldsilver.be laughable company!!   
    A few months ago I placed an order with this company and the email to pay took ages(hours) to comes through so I spent my money elsewhere. As i said months ago. Randomly today getting these messages: 
    Sorry for the poor spelling lol. 
    Never expected this... I also emailed at the time saying for this reason I had cancelled my order :/

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    daz reacted to sixgun in London Mint Office "sovereigns"   
    Because they are tat.
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    daz reacted to morezone in 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon   
    The OP has been temporarily suspended so he will not be replying.  In addition, based on my prior trade dealing with him as well as his trade feedback left by others and also his response (or lack of rather) in another dealing, he will no longer be participating in the classifieds section.
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    daz reacted to shortstack68 in Rwanda Lunar and Ships series   

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    daz reacted to matrawr in Today I Received   
    A few recent arrivals the 1881 looks a bit meh is that a sign of cleaning?

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    daz reacted to MickB in Today I Received   
    Today I received a French lunar horse to replace the previous one I somehow mislaid. Bought the display box from eBay along with the square capsules as I can't find a custom built box for this series.
    This is a mix of BU & proof as I initially thought there were two types running alongside each other but a couple of sellers from Europe told me this is how the series was released. 

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    daz reacted to west6 in Today I Received   
    I received my order from France Mint (Monnaie de Paris) today. The face value silver coins are "normal" but I would like to share this heavy medal (350 grams, 85% copper + 15% zinc). Using a one-euro coin as scale reference of this 75mm medal. It depicts the grand Forbidden City Palace of Beijing, with a modern touch of bicycles and rickshaw on the reverse side.

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    daz reacted to sovereignsteve in what do you make to this   
    or 53 other people are like me and have no idea
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    daz got a reaction from Markh in PVC/flimsy plastic envelope   
    When my old man gave me his collection a couple of years ago they had all been kept up the loft for 40 odd years in pvc flips and there was no damage to any of the silver coins.
    A couple of the bronze and copper had gone a bit green and were stuck in the flip but nothing major and no idea if this was down to the pvc or other atmospheric conditions.
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    daz reacted to Kman in This forum is as tight as a fishes booty - Discuss   
    For 2017 releases I think it's just a case of if you wanted one you would have bought it at the time for the issue price
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    daz reacted to sovereignsteve in New coins from Now til 2018   
    I was thinking that myself, although as they are so pug-ugly nobody will still want your very rare examples in the future either!
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    daz got a reaction from MickB in Conor Mcgregor poster   
    I really hope Mayweather absolutely smashes him so we never have to go through this rubbish again 
  22. Confused
    daz got a reaction from augur in Conor Mcgregor poster   
    If he was found shot dead in his jeep why is the picture of a body on a bench ! At the risk of sounding like Donald trump, FAKE NEWS !
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    daz reacted to Numistacker in Member Free Draw - Silver Coins Bullion Book 2017   

    I have been able to obtain a copy of the Bullion Book by Sebastian Wieschowski to give away to members of the Silver Forum.

    Here is my book review of the book

    To enter the draw is free and open to all members of the silver forum, just add your entry number below.
    The final entry will be 12.00 uk time on 1st September 2017.
    If you would like one of these books without winning the draw, I have 5 copies available first come first served. Special Silver Forum price of £10 delivered (normally £14). Please pm me separately.
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    daz got a reaction from PolarPanda in Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"   
    Think this could be a really good series going by that design . Like it 
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    daz reacted to muenzdachs in Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"   
    After Rwanda African Ounce and Lunar Ounce (started last year) - a third series will start in September.
    First issue will be the ship "Santa Maria"
    Silver BU - mintage unknown as for every of those coins
    Silver Proof - Mintage 1.000
    Gold BU - Mintage 100