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  1. wanted Anyone accepting crypto?

    Anyone accepting crypto?
  2. wanted Anyone accepting crypto?

    Hi, Does anyone accept Litecoin as payment? I'm looking for: 1oz gold Queens Beasts or NGC graded Silver Queens Beasts Open to hearing what other coins you have
  3. wanted Anyone accepting crypto?

  4. Soppy story

    Women have expensive tastes, the price she quoted was not correct. More like £60
  5. Soppy story

    @Roy You are her sugar daddy..
  6. Crypto buying soon?...

    Not sure if all the drops are done.. maybe 1st august. Best to jump on a masternode coin to make some passive income
  7. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Big players moving money out..
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Will my pandas remember me..
  9. Silver Price Forecast Thread

    I really wanted to jump heavily in silver this year. But I'm not a fan of the price rise. I'll just need to be patient. What your forecast for Silver this year and beyond..
  10. Shipping to China-Confiscation likely?

    If the postal office is warning you, I'd personally listen to them. Nothing worse than losing a coin and your money..
  11. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Are my Panda's x 4 back in the UK? @Numistacker
  12. The 35th Anniversary of Chinese Panda Gold Coins Issue

    Looks like the gold 🐼 just unplugged from the matrix..

    Looks like the GREEN PARTY is going to have a shock win.
  14. Silver Deals.....

    That koala looks evil or angry. Great find.
  15. 1 oz Rwanda Proof silver lunar rooster tarnished

    Surprised is thread got hardly no attention.
  16. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    What were the grades for the first submission.. Did I miss it?
  17. Freedom of information request - Royal mint

    Hi Pampfan, Queen's beast series mintage: A lot. Sadly, we don't count how many we produce. But you are free to come to the mint and track this for us. Sincerely, RM
  18. 1 oz Rwanda Proof silver lunar rooster tarnished

    That's a reason why I only hold 1 series in Silver. And when it's complete that will be it.
  19. Silver Price Forecast Thread

    It was on the Bullion front I wanted to make some head way. But like you mention it look bullish which rules that out. i can see silver sport reaching £14 this year.
  20. Coin Community [Updated Weekly]

    Hi All, This is my Youtube Channel. Please leave a comment on a video if you watch it. The channel will have fresh content daily, the purpose is to help others. [1] - Should I buy fractional gold coins? [2] - What gold coins to buy for investment? [3] - How much do you spend on precious metals? [4] - What coin did i buy from Australia? [5] - How to store precious metals? [6] - Perth Mint Lunar Series 2 (UPDATED)
  21. Chards your experience?

    +1 Atkinsons
  22. Today I made.....

    Rival for the Privateer rounds?
  23. Silver Deals.....

    Wonder if a crazy will buy it from them
  24. Today I Received

    The 1 gram panda coins are very nice indeed.