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Rest of the world

Buy, sell or swap your precious metals. This section is for PM located outside of UK & Europe, US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Please indicate which country you are shipping from, and which you will ship to in your thread. If you only wish to sell to buyers within your own country, this is also fine to list here but please state this. Also can be used for International wanted requests.

Click to view: Trading on The Silver Forum Rules & Info.

Trade Prefixes:
Please use the appropriate prefix for your trade topic. Once you have completed your topic, or if you decide to withdraw your topic please update your listing with the appropriate prefix. To do this use the edit button and select the approbate prefix from the drop down menu.

  • For Sale
  • For Exchange
  • For Sale or Exchange
  • For Auction
  • Wanted
  • Completed
  • Withdrawn
  • Expression of Interest - (used for example if wanting to gauge interest of potential group buy, or if you should remove items from storage to sell. Not to be used to request offers without a stated asking price.)


For sale listings

All topics listing items for sale must state an asking price. (Apart from when you are solely looking to exchange, then please state your asking exchange)



Please feel free to list Auction style listings if you wish.

  • State your terms
  • your starting price
  • the auction end time/date
  • Shipping info etc.

Members can bid on your auction by commenting in your thread.

Feel free to set a hidden reserve price, stating that there is a hidden reserve price and commenting when the reserve has been hit.

Be sure to clearly state your rules as to avoid any confusion.

Disclaimer: The following applies to all Members/Sellers on the forum. Members trade at their own risk. The Silver Forum does not vet any members/sellers on the forum and neither myself nor the forum is liable for any loss(es) that may result from trades. I also can not mediate any trades, this is between the two parties to discuss and resolve any issues that they might have.

Members may wish to use PayPal for added PayPal buyer protection. Note that PayPal gift payments are not covered under the PayPal buyer protection.

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    • Yeah maybe.  I'm not sure what I think about the auction format for the token sale.   I'd rather know the price per coin. I've only had a quick look at page 12 of the white paper.
    • This is a question that will never be resolved.
      When you buy a new boxed proof coin with a numbered certificate are you buying a mass produced coin and a serialised printed certificate.
      There is ( I am guessing ) absolutely no association between any specific coin and the certificate that is placed in the box.
      I assume the packer takes a coin from a tray and a certificate from another tray.
      If I am wrong please correct as I cannot imagine the coins are arranged in the exact order of minting so the first coin which should be given CoA 00001 might be given CoA 00050 assuming there are 50 coins in a tray for packing, likewise the 50th coin minted might get the number 00001 ?? The exception MAY (?) be when there is a very limited release say 300 coins in a much higher value coin with stringent QC.
    • Taking into account that this is a common bullion sovereign that you are unhappy with due to a spot, I would think the only way of removing the spot is to use a q-tip with a small amount of silver polish or fine metal polish and give it a rub. You will not devalue the coin as it is only worth 97 - 103% of spot selling to a dealer or privately. Just wondering if perhaps in the coin's history someone dropped a spot of aqua-regia ( the only acid that dissolves pure gold ) to see if the coin was fake ? I assume that would leave a permanent surface mark and if so the only way of removing is to polish it out to bring the underlying metal to the surface.