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  • Latest Forum Posts

    • Your next batch will be fine then by the sounds of it. However, it will be whether they slip back into their old ways after that that matters. I would have a proactive email typed out and ready to copy paste every single time you send a batch in from now on reminding them of their responsibilities. One swallow does not a summer make.
    • @Oldun Well - an update quite quickly! Wasn't expecting this as I am quite a small fish. I got a phone call about 30 minutes after escalating my complaint from the CEO of the Edinburgh Assay Office.  Very pleasant chap and very apologetic and "ashamed" about the issues I highlighted around the recent hallmarking and the damage that has been done to my pieces.  We talked for about 30 minutes and I feel reassured on a few things:- 1) That this is not the norm for 999 silver. 2) He is going to find out who did these hallmarks and "investigate" how they were even deemed acceptable in the first place - I hope this means someone is going to get their ass kicked. 3) He is refunding me for the hallmarking in this recent bunch of items and is also compensating me for my time spent making them and an additional compensation for the stress and strain this has caused me.  4) I have just sent another batch up for hallmarking today, so when this arrives he is personally going to oversee the hallmarking process and work out a suitable plan going forward such that any items I send in will be undamaged when they are hallmarked and returned to me.  5) He is going to reinforce how important quality is to my brand with his teams. He was explaining how they have contracts with some of the biggest jewellers in the country and they are "famed for their ability to hallmark anything, anywhere on finished articles which are returned in EXACTLY the same condition they arrive"  6) He is personally going to call me back to go through all of the above as and when they happen and keep me regularly updated.  @SilverStan We also talked about destructive testing and he said that he was not aware of any technology that the Sheffield Assay Office use to avoid destructive testing on these types of items.  Regardless I am OK with the destructive testing side of things. Whilst it is a pain in the ass it is not the end of the world cost wise so I can absorb those. What I cannot absorb is having 23 out of 26 items un-sellable after hallmarking and having to remelt them and losing £40+ for the privilege of doing so.  Only time will tell as to how this is resolved. I would like to think that they can get this right. I told him in no uncertain terms that if this was not resolved and/or there was a repeat of these issues in the future I would be taking my business elsewhere and would also NOT be recommending the Edinburgh Assay Office to anyone who ever enquired. He took this quite seriously considering I am a pretty small fish in what is no doubt a very big pond.  So for now I will be sticking with the Edinburgh Assay Office. At least for now 
    • Good for you. It is good to see people getting off their backsides and demanding a better work ethic from companies regarding their products. I am always on The RMs case about anything and it pays off. But it is always better to be proactive and get the first punch in before any money has left your hand.   Good luck and don't get fobbed off.