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Today I bought (Non PM).....

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Happiest guy in town, today I started to stock my workshop.


We have a 1 meter wood turning lathe, Pillar Drill, Grinder with linisher, Woodworkers bench with vice, selected turning chisels and tools, clamps, clips, vice grip for the drill.... Protective gear - POWER TOOLS!! FTW!!!!


Now that's a good start!!! :D

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I'm in, this past week i have bought a good bit of mountain biking bits and bobs.  Various tracksters & shorts, tops, rain wear, gloves, night lights, multi tools, rack and panniers.


As I have started the 'new healthier good diet & lifestyle me'


I have chosen to resurrect a love from my teens. 


The back of my mind has been toying with possible idea of a new mountain bike purchase???

Either a mid range 'new' mountain bike or a cracking 2nd hand high end MTB.  


But it would cost me between 1-2oz of gold though :(


It would be my first lavish extravagant purchase in a few years.  It is still on the back burner for now 

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Never been in to jewellery and watches etc. but the last few months ive been looking at some nice watches, most way out of my price range.


Just ordered one of these, not cheap but love the simple design and ceramic casing -



£14k! Not cheap. :wacko:

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Seem to be on an online shopping splurge tonight


Just ordered a few bits and bobs from amazon including new earphones and socks, and some clothes from Asos 


Also bought/watching some second hand jumpers/shirts on Ebay


From mrdead's luxury watches to my £6.99 second hand Topman jumpers lol 

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Got a samsung 1tb portable hard drive from amazon


Got a new laptop the other week, didn't want to have to fill it up with everything I had on my old laptop


Was only £50 ish and seems to work well enough, pretty small, around wallet sized, could probably just about fit in a pocket 


Only thing Is I bought it through quidco but I don't seem to have been credited, maybe they didn't track it correctly, boo.

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Quidco are normally quite good if you mail them and can prove what you purchased, I've had it happen a couple of times and they sorted it quite quickly.

Its normally the retailers fault not quidco . I did also have one retailer , I can't remember who, that kept pushing my payment back month after month I left a review on quidco saying that they didn't pay as promised and quidco actually got in touch with me and stumped up within a couple of days

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