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Storing mixed size silver coins

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New collector question here:

I have only a few silver coins at the moment, and they are different sizes; 1/2 oz, 1oz & 2oz. Some are proof so have their own little boxes.

I want to keep them all in as best a condition as possible and bought some anti tarnish strips yesterday. With this in mind I was thinking a coin case would be a good investment but I'm not sure what to get. I have seen this which looks good but if anything it has way more space than I can see me needing for a long while:


Can anyone recommend a smaller alternative?

Also, I have some coins which are proof and wondered if most people keep them in their original boxes or put everything into the one container? It's just I pretty much have packages of different sizes lying about the house, and I need a better way to store everything.

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I suggest putting your best coins in the correct size capsules then individually in small polythene bags to protect the caps from scuffing.
Then just keep them in a tupperware or equivalent box with a bag of silica gel dessicant. If the coins don't merit purchasing capsules use flip wallets or mini poly bags just to stop them rubbing against each other when stored loose in a box. As you have proofs in original boxes ( I assume ) then don't forget to protect the boxes themselves by either wrapping in a layer of bubble wrap or just place inside a strong plastic ziplock bag.

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Thanks for the responses! 

@Pete I will be keeping them all in capsules, and I will take your advice and wrap them. Do I need to be concerned about potential PVC content of items around the capsules such as the tupperware containers? I would have thought not with having silica gel, but not sure. I did look for some which explicitly state "do not contain PVC" but couldn't find any.


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can I answer a question with a question, is keeping the silver 1 oz coins in the 25 coin tubes a issue, if they are stored in a safe so don't move around, or should we store all coins individually in capsules , these are bullions coins for storage no proofs


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Does bubble wrap ever contain pvc? (Edit: I just found out it is made of polyethylene)

Does a desiccant like silica gel help combat things like using wood and pvc for silver storage?

I'm new to storing silver too. Was planning to use decorative treasure chests made of wood, with various leather-like vinyl patterns and straps around the outside. I'd put a gel pack in and hope for the best. But my stack will be primarily bullion, so I'm not too worried.

Are anti-tarnish strips supposed to be in the container with silver, potentially touching it when moved around?

In trying to answer my own questions, I came across this closed site: http://www.silver-collector.com/topic2411.html 

They suggest storing loose silver in acid-free tissue paper, and wrap that in bubble wrap. (Which is how BYB sent silver to me, now that I think of it!)

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