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The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

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9 hours ago, Cully said:

I'll take No. 22 if still available please.

 If not any number. Thanks

Number 22 reserved for Cully

8 hours ago, HelpingHands said:

I'd take one (not bothered about the number).


Maybe a special one to raffle off could be serial 000

Number 21 reserved for HelpingHands

7 hours ago, SilverSniper said:

I'm sort of disappointed nobody has asked for 69 yet .... so I'll take that ..... and any other two random numbers please for my personal stash.  3 bars total.


Number 69 reserved for SilverSniper, as well as Numbers 23 & 24

7 hours ago, SilverSniper said:

Question:  How will you distinguish the numbers are a certain way up?  i.e. 19 and not 61?

They will have some letters before the numbers too so it will be pretty clear, also the COA's!

4 minutes ago, Augustus1 said:


 can a new comer be considered for a bar, would be a nice memento of my  first involvement ? if not its fine

thanks dean.m

Oh , number 25 first  or 35 or if it goes high 70

Hi Augustus1 - but of course this is the whole point of the series! Numbers 25 & 35 have been taken already but number 70 is yours if you want it!

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8 hours ago, sovereignsteve said:

I'd take 666

Lets just see how it goes for now :-)

8 hours ago, HelpingHands said:

Here's a suggestion.  What if instead of the serial numbers stamped  as   no.001  they were stamped TSF 001  so that the initials of the The Silver Forum are on there.

This is a fantastic idea - Like this alot!

9 hours ago, Ollie1016 said:

Excellent idea @BackyardBullion!!! You're going to be very busy! 

I think it will be a busy month of may! Did you want one yourself!?

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So just go give you all an update on how things are going!

We have had reservations for 48 bars in less than 24 hours!


I had envisaged making 50 of these bars in the initial run and to have you reserve that in 24 hours is amazing!

I want to target making 100 of these now, so I can honour the requests for serial numbers in the 70's 80's and 90's!

The following serial numbers are still available:

29, 43-46, 48-68, 72-84, 86-87, 89-98 & 100 (assuming 100 is not the final mintage number it is up for grabs!)

Reply here or PM me to get your bar(s) reserved!

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5 minutes ago, blab said:

Can I reserve number 100 please




1 minute ago, blab said:

Also can I reserve number 99 please, so two bars please. Thanks

Sorry but number 99 has already been reserved.

Number 100 is yours though, can I reserve another number for you?

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