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closed 500g Korean Silver Bar Shows Disputed Territory with Japan

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Low mintage, exceedingly rare 500 gram silver bar
from South Korea.

Design shows a Korean tiger in the shape of the Korean peninsula.

Also showing disputed territory with Japan, the Dokdo Islets.
Called Takeshima in Japan.

Chinese characters and Korean Hangeul letters read Hanbando 
which means Korean peninsula

Also, has Chinese characters and Hangeul letters for Taehanminguk
which means Republic of South Korea.

Dokdo (the disputed territory), The East Sea (Korea's disputed name of the Sea of Japan) and other words are in English lettering ON THE BAR!!!

Extremely rare collectors item.
99.99% pure silver bar.
Includes plastic case.

Minted in South Korea.
Ships from South Korea with tracking number.

$425 -free shipping with tracking number.  Also listed on Ebay but will add more for shipping.
Search the tread title on Ebay, I am the ONLY seller.












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13 hours ago, shortstack68 said:

Whats the mintage? i'm swaying

I can't find out about the exact mintage.  If you are looking for super low mintage bullion i I will post about a 2016 Korean Tiger 1/4oz gold coin from the Korean government mint soon that has a mintage of ~2000.   

13 hours ago, shortstack68 said:

Whats the mintage? i'm swaying

I'll try and look into the mintage more tomorrow.  It's 2:30 am here in Korea now...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.