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Here's my plan.

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I'm new to this. Got my first delivery in Dec and I'm planning my next order.

My plan is to buy a tube of the cheapest 1oz coin (at the moment it's the 2017 Kangaroo) every month or so, keep it sealed and store it away for the future, plus one that's more expensive as a collection rather than stacking (kooks, pandas, 2oz, proofs etc)

Does this seem like a good plan?

I know everyone is different and I've read so much of this forum that it's hard to know what's good and what's not !

I'm not looking at gold yet, maybe in a year or so.


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Only time will tell if its a good plan or not, im relativly new aswel and set out to stack cheap bullion, i got side tracked into other things and now trying to sell them on. 

Diversity is good but only you know what you like and want to stack. Have a plan and stick to it.

And remember to consider your end game ? What will you do with it ? Where will you sell ? When will you sell ?


Ps.... i have some kooks and 2oz coins for sale in the sales section :ph34r:

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My first question is - what is your aim?

To amass as much silver as possible or to collect coins or what?

Personally i would not buy Kangaroos. They are a horrid looking coin in my opinion. 

Go look at some of the videos by Stack Smart on youtube - he may alter you ideas on how to proceed.

The Kangaroos will never amount to more than their value in silver. They are the same coin every year and so have no collector appeal. As i say i think they are a horrid looking coin so i am biased but something to think about.

Why not buy the Kookaburra? - it is a nice series and these coins are far superior quality. They come in a capsule and they have some collector appeal. You can still get the whole collection from 1990 at reasonable prices if you wanted to build up a collection. 

Quickly scanning i see you can get Kangaroos at €18.95 and Kooks at $19.67 from German dealers on http:/./gold.de. For the price of a capsule thrown in with the Kooks they are almost the same price. i am just giving these are example prices to give you an idea.

Why not think about picking up coins on the silver forum? Members sell coins at reasonable prices. It is a good way to get to know some of the members.

You would need to become a premium member so you can see the offers straight away. The membership is very inexpensive when you consider you can get some very nice coins at good prices. i think i have made my membership back many times over. 

When you buy a coin you are buying the silver and the coin. With Kangaroos the coin is very low collector value. Paying a bit more for coins with collector value usually pays dividends if you are prepared to hold onto the coins.

Always think about milk spot - look into this and which coins are most badly effected. Don't buy Canadian Maples - in fact avoid Canadian mint products. They will spot and this will affect your investment negatively. 

Do some research on coins. Knowledge will help you choosing coins and it will add to your interest and enjoyment. 

Just some ideas for you.

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I think having some kangaroos are fine as you actually want a part of your stack that will be completely liquid in a SHTF scenario, which necessarily means minimal premium (as close as we can get to bars). But also agree that having something with premium growth potential is probably where you want to concentrate most of your stack, especially if you take a much longer term view. However they are also larger risk as w all know the milkspot problem will wipe out any premium growth potential.

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Thanks guys.
The only reason I mention Kangaroos is because they are the cheapest on STG just now. Next month it could be something different.

I suppose at the moment I want to stack as much as I can with the odd collectors item thrown in and hold on to the stack for 10-15 years.

Still lots to learn and my plan will probably change over time as I learn more.

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