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I forgot to write my total, i think it was around £72 at the time. Wonder how many people are still in after 70 days, i would guess that anyone that is in now will remain until the end.

Got this strange £5 note today from a taxi driver. Its really big like bigger than a tenner. I thought it was some new note but its dated 1990. You can see from the picture what it looks like compared to a new fiver. Deffo a keeper for the fund :) 


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I'm still here and still going strong !

My savings fund is going very well

My plan is adapted from the original to include

  • Following original print off + £1 added each day minimum + whatever in my pocket change is left at the end of the day
  • I'm collecting all the new plastic new fivers I get through the year
  • Any cash I have left over at the end of the week from my usual allocated pocket money I give myself is going in to
  • Any small bets or small gambles that come in my way over the year

Downside now is I pay for everything with a £10 or £20 note :( 

Don't know where I'm at, and its a nice warm fuzzy feeling not knowing, hard to create a 'Kid at Christmas Day morning feeling' when you are approaching 40 but seems to be doing the job - roll on September 2017 :)


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1 hour ago, Paul said:


Downside now is I pay for everything with a £10 or £20 note :( 

I think i predicted this would happen to a few people. I used to do this in the past before family life kicked in and the kids taking all my change, haha. 

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That fiver is no longer tradeable.

Allied Irish Banknotes are now First Trust Bank whose lowest denomination is a tenner.

However you may still be able to bank it.

Some info:


Some for sale (maybe you should ebay it)

http://www.thebanknotestore.com/displaybritishnotes.php?country=Allied Irish Banks&show=northernireland


Current notes:

Bank of Ireland 
5 5 NIP/2013
5 5 NIP/2008
5 5 NIP/1997
5 5 NIP/1990
10 10 NIP/2013
10 10 NIP/2008
10 10 NIP/1995
20 20 NIP/2013
20 20 NIP/2008
20 20 NIP/1999
20 20 NIP/1991
50 50 NIP/2013
50 50 NIP/1995
100 100 NIP/1995
First Trust Bank 
10 10 NIP/1998
10 10 NIP/1994
20 20 NIP/2007
20 20 NIP/1998
20 20 NIP/1994
50 50 NIP/1998
50 50 NIP/1994
100 100 NIP/1998
100 100 NIP/1994
Northern Bank / Danske Bank 
5 5 NIP/1999
5 5 NIP/1988
10 10 NIP/2013
10 10 NIP/2010
10 10 NIP/2005
20 20 NIP/2013
20 20 NIP/2011
20 20 NIP/2005
50 50 NIP/2005
100 100 NIP/2005
Ulster Bank 
5 5 NIP/2006
5 5 NIP/1998
5 5 NIP/1990
10 10 NIP/2007
10 10 NIP/1997
20 20 NIP/2007
20 20 NIP/1996
50 50 NIP/1997
100 100 NIP/1990

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Thanks for taking the time to post. You have just reminded that i have a few of these George Best and plastic northern bank fivers. Had a quick check on ebay also, seen them selling from £22-£42. It has a safe house in my 365 challenge tin for the next 10 months then i'll sell it to a guy in work who collects old notes. 

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Anyone decided what they are going to spoil themselves with when the challenge ends ?

Still a long way off now I know just curious, as i know mine is going to be a daft amount compared to the original challenge I was thinking the maybe largest gold bar possible from what i save, would be a nice token for a years worth of savings in one item, would always have a nice history & story to it when you held it.  

A 100g nice cast gold bar to fondle would be nice

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The wife and I are still doing the saving thing, no idea what's in the tin at the moment but we have been crossing off random amounts and putting in extra. I''m also thinking of buying a lump of gold with it, likely to be something between a Mexican 50 peso and a 50g bar size I'm guessing. I'd like a cast bar and I've seen 50g ones around so that's something to aim for.

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Was having a pint with the boss of my local social club last night and he asked if i had any spare change at home for Christmas coming up & increased trade

Have had an empty of my year savings box and have bagged up £420 in change today

Box is much lighter now, will be adding the notes back into my box.

Pot is building lovely  - keep up the good work peeps


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Just a note for everyone. With the new pound coin being released in March. The old round pound coins will cease to be legal tender in October. Therfore anyone who's date ends after October needs to remove their old pound coins and get them changed/used

Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk

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