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Today I bought.....

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I have an idea for the cases, oak or similar wood, the coins inset with a glass cover (toughened safety glass) also inset in the wood. should look good. Locked down with tiny metal swivels * 4 one either side. Would be nice if they were made from silver!!! 


All the coins still their respective airtight capsules but completely visible.


Case size would be approx W-D-H 135-150 mm, 85-100 mm, and 25 mm ish.

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When you live and breath silver every day like we do and have your stack in plastic wrapped and stored away it is not very sexy,if you can display your stack like Dan do's i think you will enjoy your stacking a lot better,but then it's the theft side of stacking again.If you can get passed the dog to my stack good luck, but i still have to have it squirreled away rather on display. 

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@SS Yes I agree, but if I do make any boxes for storing the Canadian Wildlife Series 1 in they too will be locked away. I would not take a chance by having it on display only to get it nicked.


Simply just not worth it.

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Not quite today, but this last couple of days I have bought......

Another 2014 carded stock horse

2008 Koala

2009 Philharmonic

2 x Great White Shark 0.5oz coins

1oz lunar horse

5oz lunar horse

1/2oz lunar horse

2012 koala

2013 koala

2013 maple horse privy

10oz lunar horse

2014 panda

2014 maple

Oops, overspent again!!!!

Very much looking forward to receiving them all, will have the full set of lunar horse save the 1kg which is too big for my liking.

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Yes STG.

I was just about to push the button on a £200+ order with STG and realised I could save £2 with ESB.

There really isn't a lot between them, other than increased choice on ESB.

I do like those two sites very much, very cheap silver if you are a stacker.

I had 12oz for an average of £16.66 earlier, and that was lunar / panda / maple. Mental.

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ESB is slightly expensive I have found. Especially precious year coins.

Make sure you work all associated costs.

I bought some kook privys from ESB recently, and then worked out it would have been cheaper to buy from Apmex even with $50 shipping and customs and VAT charges!

ESB compared to silver to go might fall down to order size. As orders under 500g are only 19.90€ to be shipped with ESB. But they charge an 29.90€ on orders up to 1kg and a massive 39.90€ on orders 1-2kg. Shipping for 1kg on silver to go is only 17.95€. This is a huge difference. 17.95 vs 39.90!

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