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Today I bought.....

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1 hour ago, Numistacker said:

Some buys that have not yet been delivered

5 of these from USA with top cashback 5%

So for older rare coins there is a value even with Details. That's good to know.    

And what size Dog is that?

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Nice looking medallions.  Didn't bother looking at them myself as I don't have a clue about their value and the estimates can sometimes be over the usual market price quite considerably.  Occasionally they are below but it's more common for them to be just a little on the high side.  Of course people sometimes seem to forget to factor in the overheads or get carried away and items go for stupid prices.

I missed a few by one bid but nothing I really wanted and the others I was interested in went for way too much for my liking.  I think I saw the same coin going for more after a better condition one had struggled and went for less.

I was also surprised the counterstamped 4 and 2 reales went for the prices they did given there was supposedly no fractional counterstamped dollars issued by the mint according to many sources.

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Today I managed to tick two off my Wants List.


1839 Sovereign PCGS AU58 and

1913 Canada Sovereign ICG MS63


Add those to the 1887 Sovereign Proof PCGS PR62UC last week and I'm skint.


I shall tell my good lady that I have bought her an investment for Christmas!


She thinks I have another woman and got me to take a lie detector test. When asked "Do you have any other women in your life?" I failed - I had to admit my passion for Victoria's.....


Well that's blown my budget for the next few months so will, like others, have to make it my last purchase until next year....


17 days and counting!


Please hide my mobile, laptop, smart TV and any other internet enabled device - PLEASE......



I wondered who outbid me on the 1839 it went for much more than estimate. Video on it is due soon....


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Yea they have them on there website, on gold coins and they are bottom of the first page, paid £234.50 each with free delivery

they also have 2018 for £232+ and old head for just over £243. 

I still have a little money left over for a half sov but they don't have any for sale, but I will probs just save for my next full now

i thought they were best value Edward or George sovs but they are just split up into each monarch 


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