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New webpage about Pandas

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I think what you are doing is great. I have Silver Panda's from 2000 to date and sadly only one 1/10 gold panda (all alone by itself)

When people show a keen enthusiasm in their collection it is awesome to see them doing something positive to involved more people into their passion


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Peters new book is out finaly, If you collect pandas it is a must have

My homepage is updated with some new pics

Got my hands on a NGC MS70 Mirrored Bamboo 2003 panda, only 20 at that grade



Edited by Agpanda

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17 hours ago, Agpanda said:

New uppdate with lots of new pics

1999 Serif 1 NGC MS69

Lots of MS69 changed to MS70

Thankful for tips on how to improve the site

Great site and an impressive collection!  Are you also working on collecting all the convention, exposition and commemorative medals for every year as well?  Any desire to go after the 5 oz Silver Pandas as well?

I purchased the 1989 1 oz Silver Panda MS69 (as well as the 1989 5 oz Silver Proof Panda PF70) and then started back at slabbed/graded 2017 1 oz Silver Panda MS70.  I thought I'd bookend the 1989 - Current and then work backwards focusing first just on a high-grade date run and then worrying about variants a bit later.  The challenge I seem to be encountering is, I got back to 2013 all in MS70 all problem free (and most with the same Panda label on them which looks nice) but for some reason, 2012 seems to be hard to find in MS70 and problem free.  Not that I can't locate MS70s for 2012 but those that I come across either want $100+ for a problem free MS70 or they have toning/spotting or hazing.  I consulted Peter's guide and there isn't anything special about the 2012 issue and there were 6,000,000 minted that year.  

In your experience, am I setting my expectations too high to want problem free MS70s back to 1989?  Thanks in advance for your feedback and we appreciate you being the KungFu Panda of The Forum!

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Back to 2002 is no problem to find MS70 if you give it some time

2001 and earlier is  harder with some high pricetags aswell

I was lucky to get an 2003 mirrored MS70, as theree is only 20 graded in NGC

I can recomend you to get only from 1 grading company, as it looks nicer with all the same slabs

I went for NGC couse there are many more on the market

I lately started an collection in PCGS MS 70 also, Im back to 2006 so far

I also ready to do some crossovers if I can get one I need in the wrong slab

Good luck with your collection, it have been a lot of fun putting it together for me

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I hate the word "expert" but creating such a page with such a wealth of information sir you are definitely an expert

ive saved the  site to my favourites and will definitely study it with great interest 


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