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'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

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Thought it would be fun to see a selection of proof sovereigns from over the years.

Took 4 as it's difficult to get the lighting even over all of them at once, and somehow managed to get 2 1997s in there Must have thought it was a 1987, eyes getting old


Very nice

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On 18/01/2017 at 08:57, Lindeman said:

@sovereignsteve - congrats on the Britannia silver proof run. Which is your favourite, and least favourite design? 


Overall, I think the chariot on the '97 and '09

'14 obviously and '13 too

I really like the classic standing and have a sneaky liking for the wave '08

Pretty much all of them really, except the '11

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8 minutes ago, KDave said:

@Clens92 Some more pictures of the date and fine details on the reverse for your to confirm your suspicions? Apologies to all for clogging up the thread with pictures of forgeries. PCGS picture of a real slabbed one below for comparison and to make up for it. :P


Now it looks less problematic...  the '7' still irks me, especially the far left downward-pointing bar.  But I'm not an expert and it could easily be a slight die-variation.  Either way, these copies are nearly always 21/22ct gold so you won't lose on it :)


If you see here, the downward-facing bar of the 7 seems thinner, whilst the spacing of the B.P. is also slightly different.  God knows... it's all gold to me :P

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1 hour ago, Clens92 said:

Not convinced by that one at all, to be honest.  The '1887' is far too thick - especially the '7'.  It might be 22ct, but I don't think it's genuine :o

Almost certainly fake. The angle of the photo doesn't help inspection but all the lettering looks thick and too clumsy, especially the date which looks rubbish. The large brooch looks poor and from this angle the tail looks all wrong.

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@sovereignsteve @Clens92 Thanks gents the b.p is too close together like you say, I can't see much difference in the date though compared to others that are genuine, the ones I have seen for sale from reputable coin dealers have wider signature though and just look different colour wise. The one in the PCGS slab is starting to look fake now as well though lol.

Its definitely gold though so worthy of adding to the melting pot at HGM, but the trouble is now I have had one I will need to find a replacement real one. I remember a top quality one was about £2000 back then, now people are asking £3500 for the same coins what happened?! :o

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