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The Spot Direction Competition is returning - with a few changes

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Note that this is not the exciting new competition that I posted about coming soon in another topic, that will be a different style of competition and is currently under construction with the web developer ;) nevertheless this will also be fun...


The Spot Direction competition is returning with a few changes on how the game is played. The reason for the changes were to make the game more simpler and to also allow more people to enter, as now you can enter during any round.

The competition will run for 10 weeks.


Here is how it will work....

Each week everyone can enter, members need to just guess if the weeks closing price will be 'Higher' or 'Lower' than last weeks close. Members will have until 23:59 GMT on the Wednesday to submit their entries to guess what the closing price will be on the Friday of that week.

For each correct guess each member gets 1 point. In the event spot closes exactly the same, everyone who entered gets 1 point. Each member will therefore have the opportunity to earn up to 10 points over the course of the competition. EDIT: New Bonus point avaiable, meaning you can earn up to 11 points in total in the compeittion, see post below.

At the end of the 10 weeks the member with the most points will win.

If more than 1 member has the same score at the end, then these members will get the chance to enter the final round to guess the exact spot closing price by PM. The member who guesses the closes will win.


We still have a couple of 1/2oz 2014 great white shark coins left from the last Spot Direction Competitions co sponsored by Silver To Go and The Silver Forum, so the winner will receive one of these coins.

The first round will open this Saturday 21st November. And you will have until Wednesday 25th November 23:59 GMT to enter your guess for the close of that week.







The Rules:

  • The aim is to predict if the Spot price of silver at close of trading on the Friday of the current week, as listed on http://silverprice.org, will be higher or lower, compared to the closing price the previous week.

  • Predictions must be made in GBP only by 23:59 GMT on the Wednesday of each week. The topic should auto lock stopping entries from happing after this time. Late entries will not be included, even if the topic is unlocked at the time of entry. 

  • By GMT we mean the time on our servers, each post has a time stamp and we go by this. This may or may not take into account summer time savings, so please pay attention to what time the time stamps are saying so that you enter on time.

  • In the event that the topic auto lock is set to an incorrect time and closes earlier than 23:59GMT on the Wednesday, then the Admins reserve the right to keep the lock time as the closing time of the competition should they wish. 

  • The competition will run for 10 weeks, each week all members have the opportunity to enter and earn points.

  • Posts in a game thread will be excluded if they are edited at any time after they are submitted. If you make a typo, PM a Moderator to Admin who is running the competition to correct it for you.

  • Admins, moderators or any other staff of TheSilverForum.com, or sponsors thereof can play, but are not eligible to win any prizes. In the event that an admin, moderator, staff or sponsor wins the game then the next eligible member with the highest score will win the prize.

  • Rules are subject to change at the discretion of TheSilverForum.com

  • Disclaimer: every effort will be made to avoid mistakes, but players accept that they still may occur. It is meant as entertainment only and as such TheSilverForum.com accepts no responsibility for damages or losses which may arise. Moderators decision on the outcome of the competition is final.

  • Members have to place their entries themselves, another member or moderator is unable to place an entry on their behalf of others.

  • In the event that after the 10 weeks multiple members have the same score: then they must guess the exact close (by 23:59GMT on the Wednesday) of the closing price of the week. Predictions will be taken by private message, and the winner along with their winning guess will then be publicly announced. In the event of a multiple members guessing the same figure then those members will have a chance to play against each other the week after. And so forth until there is an ultimate winner. Predictions for this is made in USD per oz. Entries in other currencies will not be accepted and you will need to reenter. 


Edited by ChrisSilver
To mention the additional bonus point. See post below.

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BOUNUS POINT: New rule. Anyone who makes a YouTube shout out video for the competition and paste the video below in this topic before 30th December 2015 will receive 1 bonus point.

Limit of 1 bonus point per member, please include the link to this topic in your YouTube description: http://thesilverforum.com/topic/4505-the-spot-direction-competition-is-returning-with-a-few-changes/

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