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Silverforum PM physical market maker!

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Just musing here, but I think it could work on here...somehow! The buy and sell section is good here, really good. But an add on that would be great addition rather than a ‘wanted or for sale post’ would be a SETS style trade listing for people looking to buy/sell bullion. Rather than have multiple individual sale/wanted posts they could be condensed into a market style trading system and could encourage more activity especially for those that might want to buy or sell at a certain price but maybe didn’t want to bother because we’re not really that motivated. For people unfamiliar with sets style trading this is a market commonly used to trade shares. You usually go through a broker who lists your order on the stock market, illiquid stocks usually have market makers to provide liquidity but higher dealing shares puts the order direct to the market at a dealing price, if say you want to buy some shares you can match the ask price or if the ask price is too high it gets entered as a bid awaiting someone who is happy to sell them at that price or if too low bid will just sit there as higher bidders go in front of you. More here or have a search yourself.  We could create a true physical bid/ask system to rival the paper market!


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Thank you for the suggestion.

Singapore Precious Metals Exchange does something similar, but items there are vaulted and segregated. The buyers know that the items are already validated as authentic, and the buyers would be mainly buying for the bullion aspect of the items.

Items sold on TSF are different, because not all members are solely interested in the underlying metal. There are collectors and those that are semi-collectors, they care about the condition of the individual item being sold.

Due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to regulation and the cost of implementing and running such a system I do not think it would be feasible to do, but an interesting suggestion nether-the-less. 

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Yeah it’d have to work based solely on £/oz, condition irrelevant purely bullion. Anything else premium would go in the normal trade section. Would take a lot of work to implement I understand and possibly something for the future

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