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closed Unused Apple iPhone 📱 11 Pro 64GB in Space Grey. Unlocked.

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Boxed & 100% unused. It still has the plastic covering the phone etc but the box was unsealed to checked the phone inside the box and it is perfect!

£900 including Special Delivery in the UK.

Reason for sale - My wife works at a phone shop and won the “Sales Incentive” but she’s happy with her 📱 phone.


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Added reason for sale

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2 minutes ago, silverdocket said:

 I'll have to stick with my  iPhone 5 for now....lol 

 It's hard three batteries two screens and two charging ports 

 Still going well 

No worries mate!!

It reminds me of that classic scene in Only Fools and Horses where Trigger the road sweep tells Dellboy he’s had the same Brush for 20 years, only having needed 25 heads and 15 handles!! 😂 

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On 29/01/2020 at 16:10, Spanishsilver said:

Swap this plus £300 your way




Sorry mate I missed this I did get the notification or I missed it.

Wife decided to have two phones 🤦‍♂️ 

Thanks for the offer though 😢 

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