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Why start collecting/investing in Precious Metals?

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This is a brief topic created for those who are new to Precious Metals and are interested in this topic, or are thinking about possibly starting buying some precious metals coins or bars etc.

Why collect/Invest in Precious Metals?

Having a collection/investment of precious metals such as gold or silver coins or bars is a store of wealth, they should hold their value long term and may even increase in value. It may be a good idea to hold some precious metals for the long term in case of financial emergency.

Others may be bad at saving, and collecting coins allows them to buy whilst also having the intrinsic value in the gold or silver they buy, if they did not buy coins they may waste money on other items that instantly loose their value. If you know you are very bad at saving, you could find collecting precious metals the perfect solution to long term saving and maintaining wealth. 

Others may have large portfolios of stocks, or property, and wish to diversify their portfolio with gold holdings. 

Or you may just like the look of shinny gold and silver. What is cooler than having a stack of silver bars or coins!

Many people like collecting things, stamps, postcards, tickets, memorabilia, but why collect something that instantly looses value or is very hard to find a buyer at the price you want, some collections are very hard to liquidate sell in an emergency. But with gold and silver you can easily sell for around the spot price to any dealer and get instant cash if needed, making it great for collecting!

We have many different members, from serious collectors to casual investors, there are some that buy huge amounts of gold and others that just buy a small silver coin here and there, whatever your budget you can start in precious metals. 

The Silver Forum is a completely independent forum with no bias towards any dealer, members are free to discuss deals they find from any dealer. There is also a huge amount of bargain deals that members have for sale in the trade section. 

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