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This is why you don't succeed

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How do you define success?  I'm a millennial and have rarely, if ever, been called those things.  I've always strived to get far on my own and as far as most standards of success i'm ticking nearly every box.

Entitled can go across to most generations, there are many older folk that believe they should be given things (respect, time, jobs, unquestionable acceptance of opinions etc) 'because' with little solid fact behind it other than self belief that it's earnt.  Hell, this forum is rampant with it, a lot of people with a lot higher self worth than they're due who find this forum their little outlet to feel powerful.

Yes a lot of millennials are a bunch of whiney self entitled bitches, but so are a lot of the western world, of all ages, it just comes in different flavours.  It's a wider cultural thing and the millennials don't have 30 or 40 years of low-level achievements to cling on to for some hope that their claims of validity are listened to so are easy to shine the torch on, almost exclusively by the older generations (it's rare for millennials to bitch about millennials...).

The boomers are clinging on to the importance of their parents' generations.  There's not a lot any generation currently alive can really cling on to as 'we did a good job' and in every generation there are amazing and s****** people that've achieved a lot and achieved nothing at all, so how about (aimed at everyone, not you specifically) instead of bashing others, you all look at yourselves and try to do and be the best you can rather than be a whiney (insert your own generation here) bitch, looking down on others.


Edit - and no, before the obvious slurs come in, I'm not a silver spooned Eton toff from a rich middle upper class background thinking he's braved it all with the help from mummy and daddy. I'm from the east Midlands, i couldnt afford to go to university, my parents were and are poor and i bought my house with 0 help from anyone as no-one I knew had money to spare. I tried hard and worked hard and I'm here, successful, content and happy with a beautiful, smart and kind girlfriend who makes mine and other people's days brighter and better (she teaches and volunteers), whilst still both being millennials.

Life is complicated I guess.

Edited by Miganto

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12 minutes ago, Miganto said:

I'm a millennial and have rarely, if ever, been called those things

I find it interesting that such ideas exist. All my kids were born in the eighties and would be classed as "Millennials", I don't recognise these traits in them. I do see it it kids born through the nineties and early noughties though. Maybe the term is too broad or maybe I brought up my kids better than most😀

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Thank you for sharing the video and thoughts...So I wouldn’t go as far to say that the topic is millennial generation-centric. I think those four highlights are extensible across multiple generations, it is a psychology. We are a product of our environment. We learn behaviors from our parents. Did the advent of a a high-powered computer in the palm of my hand compound all of this...sure the $#!+ did. I really enjoyed the video, as I could resonate with the points being made and its validating everything I strive for in being a leader and taking responsibility for helping shape our future leaders. If we don’t...we have failed.

And one last parting thought...second place, no matter how you look at it, is first place loser. 😁

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9 hours ago, sovereignsteve said:

This is why the Millennial Generation are the way they are, some interesting points.


Thanks for posting - He makes some good points.

I was at a family & friends Christmas get together just yesterday, around half dozen families, married with their children. 

All the kids are under 16 are on smartphones, the parents not seeing this anything at all bad wrong or just damn bad manners 

They are so so perfect and wonderful parents with their wonder children.  

I try to be polite interact, question & ask each of them, about school, things & stuff . I get one word replies and responses, while they return for their next dopamine fix from the glowing distract device in their hand. Social skills from every child there was just awful

I just keep my mouth shut, enjoy my little bit food and remember this sketch by legend George Carlin on "Children"

Back when i was a kid i remembered chatting with my old granddad for hours as he would tell me tales and stories of his travels and the world.  Learning me about gardening, flowers, bird types amongst other things


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I am millennial how do I make an impact? According to Greta I make an impact every time I light the coal fire is that not enough? ;)

I work a complicated/entertaining job, support my family financially, a decent house, happily married, two kids, health, ect. I am lucky because I was brought up with outdated social values and work ethic, the need to sacrifice to get on. I received no financial help I have just given up other things, not that it should matter - if you get financial help to get on then good for you, be thankful. There are things in my life to improve, there is also a long way down from here if I mess it up. 

I think the main millennial issue is perspective, my generation was told growing up you can be anything you want, I had this message many times. Not sure I bought it, maybe I did at the time. We were sold a lot of BS about a lot of things. I grew up under Labour, Blair and Brown, they did a lot of damage to the foundations via progressivism.

Today's culture around phones and the internet, does it not compare to things like having a pint at lunchtime, smoking all day then going out to the pub again. Its all looks like people trying to get through the day using the culturally appropriate mechanism. Everyone now uses electronics, TV's, computers/smart phones for entertainment. Virtually no one I know regularly goes to the pub anymore except the odd group occasion, only a handful smoke, ect. The aim of the activity does not seem to have changed. Having said that, I limit the exposure my kids get to electronics and I am holding off buying them a phone for as long as possible, obviously I know its not good. Funny that I have not thought about why before now. 

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(maybe I'm a bit biased)

my view on the young adults is that their solution seems

to be reliant on someone else's solution. to make toast

you need a toaster, because using the grill/pan doesn't

register as a solution. it always has to revolve around

some pre-made gadget or electronics. I'm all for choosing

the best available tool for the current job but there doesn't

seem to be much flexibility in understanding the solution.



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