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CoinFairs Prize Draw - 1st competition

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I will be running some CoinFair prize draws. My plan is to initially start with 3-4 prize draws per year. Although this initial prize draw is a trial.

If this competition proves successful and a lot of members are finding out about the forum via the vouchers at the CoinFairs then I will increase the amount of CoinFair prize draws per year.

Entry for this prize draw ends *August 15th. Though I reserve the right to close the competition early and draw a winner if I deem there is sufficient entries.


This prize draw is open to members with a prize draw voucher, as well as open to Premium Members.

Vouchers are available at the following coinfair events:

The London Coin Fair

The Bloomsbury Coin Fair
The Midland Coin Fair
The Britannia Medal Fair

More info including CoinFair entrance fee available at coinfairs.co.uk



Remember that the winner will only be sent the prize if they either have a prize draw voucher or are a Premium Member. So please don't enter if you do not qualify.

Proof of voucher will be required when the winner is drawn.

(The winner will need to email a photo of the voucher if not already a Premium Member - no exceptions).

No cheating: Upgrading your account to premium membership after winning does not compensate for not sending a photo of the voucher. You can of course upgrade your membership at any time prior to the winner being announced and will not need a prize voucher to claim your winnings.

Entering twice could result in you being disqualified. If you have entered twice accidentally please inform me ASAP so I can delete your duplicate post. Numbers of subsequent entries will not be corrected, in an event that the winning number is drawn and that number is of a duplicate post that has been deleted a new number will be drawn. If I am not informed of an accidentally duplicate entry post early enough this may result in your entry to the competition being disqualified.

No cheating: Registering multiple accounts for the purpose of entering the competition several times will also result on you being disqualified and a permanent ban on your IP address from the forum. Strictly one entrance per person is allowed. To further reduce this risk the winner must have a minimum amount of 10 posts on the forum, and I reserve the right to redraw if I suspect possible fowl play.

I hope all the info here is clear, if not please PM me for further clarification and so that I can edit this post to make it more clear.


The winner will receive a 1oz 2015 silver kookaburra coin. And will be shipped for free to anywhere in the world that the member is located.




The first member to enter will type the number 1. All subsequent entrants with type the subsequent number to the previous post. i.e. The 2nd member will type 2, and the 3rd member 3 and so on. Please pay attention and enter your number correctly, any incorrect numbers will be deleted and you will have to reenter.

Please only post below your number to enter. Any other posts will be deleted, this is because I need this topic to be kept tidy.



The winner will be drawn by a random number generator. I will try to record a YT video when I draw this. :)
The competition ends on June 15th 2015, and the winner will be announced sometime on or after the 22nd June 2015 to give the potential winner enough time to make the required minimum 10 posts on the forum.

EDITED: I have edited and extended the entry time to August 15th 2015 as there has not been 1 single entry from the coin-show and the idea of this competition was to promote the forum.

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Well I didn't say moderators couldn't enter this one :)

Moderators and Official Sponsors are able to enter this competition.

But to make it fair to all members, in the event that a Moderator or Official sponsor wins this prize draw. I will draw again until a member wins. All winners including winning Moderators/Offical Sponsors (if applicable) will be sent a 1oz 2015 kookaburra prize each.

Please excuse this comment. This was to just update with the rule above.

Please continue with the entries......

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