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Compare Gold Prices (UK) - FREE Website

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Hi All. I've made a few updates to the site, added some more coins and some error detection (still in testing).

If you do find any issues or missing / incorrect links, please let me know.


On 19/11/2019 at 19:39, Abyss said:

when you have time and inclined may want to include other popular government minted coins (American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, American Buffalo, Austrian Philharmonic).

2 hours ago, greektony said:

any chance of adding a 1/4oz Britannia? :)

^added all these + the Mexican Libertad... Enjoy



@AndrewSL76, thank you for the suggestion to contact the dealers. While it may encourage competitiveness and even generate potential referral income, it would make this something more than just a hobby site (to share with my fellow TSF stackers). I would have to implement a level of quality control and a guarantee of service, etc.

Hopefully some of the dealers on the forum have already taken note and may want to adjust prices to get to the "coveted" top spot?



@tallyhojim / @Miganto - this was my motivation!!! :) 

On 12/09/2019 at 22:50, S2G said:

I would encourage anyone to build an equivalent or better service to Gold Compare, it could be quite fun :)

In fairness, I did like @S2G's site and visited regularly to get an idea of current prices among dealers. Now I just visit my own!

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On 21/11/2019 at 13:46, silvernewbie said:

Great site will save people alot of money and likely drive down prices if this gets mainstream!

@BackyardBullion @ShadowStack @Numistacker

You guys should promote this on your YouTube platforms get the word out about such a good resource for the U.K. gold buyer.

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5 hours ago, Goldrushkid said:

So the chart doesn't automatically update in my browser without me refreshing the tab.

What was the purpose in creating this digital board? :) just curious 

Added an auto-refresh, set to 5 mins. This matches the price update timing of the web-scraping.

What do you mean by 'digital board'? 

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8 minutes ago, TopHatsTales said:

What happened to all the other coin prices? Philli's etc have disappeared. 

Just scroll down... :)

I know that various browsers can render the page differently. I've just put in a temporary fix, until I get a chance to do some more testing.

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I'm assuming it's showing the price of the links input, not scanning the site to find the lowest prices.  The 2013 link was probably the cheapest when it was set up and now with the offers happening right now there's a new cheaper link.

It 'could' be coded to search the output of a search field within the site and find the cheapest price through that, but it adds a lot of complexity.

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Yea I agree with above - that level of complexity is probably not maintainable. HGM is a bit of an odd beast as they have about a dozen listings for any given type of coin, to cover different conditions, offers, years etc, makes it a particularly challenging one to automate.  

All that said, thanks to this super useful site I came across some great offers on HGM - coming soon to the 'received today' thread! 😁

Edited by Melon

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Yup, whichever was the cheapest option on the day got added to the scan list. I'll do my best to keep it updated.

It's relatively easy to change, so if you find any other links with cheaper prices, please let me know.

This is one of the main reasons I will not charge for the site or look for vendor support - it'll not always be up-to-date / accurate and I don't want to mislead a customer or annoy a vendor.

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