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Good evening!!!

Just thought I would take this opportunity to say hi.

In short after a number of years being interested in starting and growing a stack I'm hoping around Christmas time I will finally acquire my 1st bar.

I've joined the forum to learn a subject I currently know very little about, chat to members and listen to opinions and advice on the best way to develop my stack.

I'd be interested to know what motivates other members to do the same and what goals everyone has??

I'm considering jumping in with a 1kg bar of Silver as for some reason I'm drawn to bars more than coins or anything minted - however a friend who has both gold and silver swears that gold is a better investment despite the current low price of Silver.

Thoughts and advice is always greatly received.

Thanks in advance 🥇🥈

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 Welcome to the land of the shiny stuff 

 Gold and silver in my opinion is the storage of wealth and protection against hyperinflation and currency failure.

 Sometimes you can make a few quid along the way brilliant but  you can lose if you're in a hurry to sell.

 Nobody really knows what's going to happen except for the elite at the top of societies food chain.

 For me if  countries are buying it I'm buying It.

 Me personally I think bars are for storing wealth and coins are for trading when it comes to silver.

 I am keeping an eye on the gold silver ratio 

 Gold on the other hand ....take it anyway you can it.....

 Each to their own

 You Just need to figure out a plan that works for you 

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