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Rosland / Reseller

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my name is Emanuel and i am one of the CEOs of Rosland. 

I am 34 years old, studied computer scienes and work as investor for several companies.

We are located in Germany / Munich, but have companies in US (LA), Sweden, Hong Kong and London aswell.

We work together and are certified reseller for mints like PAMP, NZM, US Mint, RCM, Czech Mint, ... and also other companies like PCGS, Apmex and others. 

I'm not here to post free links or spam our products, but im here because we got many visits from this forum since other members post urls to us.

Ill try to give you guys informations before they are released public about new products and also upcoming products. 

Since we dont want to look like "Spammers", i'll try to offer better prices, free or reduced shipping for all members from thesilverforum.

If you have any questions about specifications, products, or just want to chat, feel free to highlight me or send me a message.

Cheers, Emanuel


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Hello, welcome to the forum.

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Thank you guys.

Ill try to offer at least 1 deal/month which will be the cheapest wordwide like the current "Gold for Spot"-Deal. 

If you have any questions about products or search for products (specially graded) which are worldwide not available, just let me know.

We have always more than a thousand very rare graded products in stock.

Cheers, Emanuel


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