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Pouring Help- with Pouring Silver bars

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Thank you for the addition to the group!

I am just getting into pouring bars with my seven year old grandson, and we both love it. Unfortunatley I am not very good at it (yet).

We are trying to figure out what we are doing wrong, and hope someone here can help! I heat the silver to 1100 C, and I heat the graphite mold.

It seems as though the silver cools as I am poring, and the last bit races out of the crucible and mucks up the bar....any advise is most welcome. Thank you,

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It sounds like you have not got the mould hot enough if it cooling very quickly? 

What kind of quantity of silver are you trying to pour? How heavy?

I always "stop short" before those last dregs of silver come out - they are always dirty and not nice. 

I notice the type of furnace you are using too - those have very long crucibles in them and as such the silver has a longer way to travel from the bottom to the lip - so it builds up momentum as it comes out. 

Those are very hard to use and perhaps getting a smaller furnace would help. 

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I am heating the mold with a propane burner with a rack over the burner to heat the mold. ( see pic) 

I have been practising with a 2 OZ mold.  

I melted down 2 generic 1oz silver rounds for that one.

I also tried one oz  round into 1oz mold. The one ounce is even worse, as the mold isn't very deep.

shoulI use a little more than than 2 oz's in the crucible? 

I think you may be right about the length of the crucible. would a shorter crucible  work for this furnace in your opinion?


I REALLY appreciate your help!







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@Scottcamsilver I could not say whether your furnace could take anything smaller as I have never used them!

2 oz of silver from a big furnace like that would be very hard for even a seasoned pourer to get right. I am just thinking the silver must come out so fast due to the size of the crucible that it would be almost impossible to control. 

My advice would be to use this furnace: https://www.tabletopfurnace.com/product/quikmelt-10/

It is much smaller and you will have a lot more control with how you pour the silver. Also, they do bigger sizes so once you have grown in skill and confidence you can work your way up to a larger furnace. 

Hope that helps and good luck!

Make sure to keep your first "keeper" piece and share some photos when its done!


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Thank you VERY much for the good feedback and advice. Not sure I can swing the new furnace just yet though. I guess I should have joined here first, got advice and then bought one.

I will keep trying with this one, and maybe try to see if I can get ( and if  it will work) a smaller crucible.

Thanks again BYB, and keep the videos coming!!

scott ( and Roman, my grandson) 

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