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Pccb sovereign

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Hi I'm completely new to coin collecting and have seen pccb sovereigns on ebay like the one in the link. How can I be sure it's actually real, has it been graded as its sealed with the holographic stickers or are they just fake? Many thanks 



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I’m by no means an expert on the subject but there are a couple of things that appear slightly off to me.

1.  Colour - looks too brassy for a sovereign (although hard to judge with poor quality images).

2. Both the obverse and reverse look like they are lacking detail (again poor image quality doesn’t help).

3. The item description reads as if it’s a disclaimer for the item being fake.

3. A quick google search will show you these “PCCB” graded coins are often associated with fakes.

Hope that’s of some help in lieu of a better response. 


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Don't buy this. Not unless you're 100% sure you'll get you're money back if it isn't genuine. 

I think PCCB is a rip off of the PCGS. PCCB is a Chinese box company standing for Professional Coin Collecting Box. Almost 100% the coin within is a fake. There's so many fake sovereigns out there, and putting a box like this around makes them appear more legit as well as discourage the buyer from testing the coin. 

I believe there's @Numistacker sub forum which will let you know a lot more about coin grading. 


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Thanks to all, the seller has reluctantly cancelled the order but only after I reported him for selling the same coins as reproductions. It never states that they are real neither does it state they are fake so that's the grey area hecan continue to operate under. I suppose its my own fault for not researching beforehand 

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