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Thanks for the video many advantages to owning physical and paper Gold/Silver. Paper PMs spreads in the futures market most attractive

GC Gold August Futures $0.10 / SL Silver August Futures $0.01 cent / PL Platinum October Futures $0.10 cent but


be careful of the The Power of Leverage https://www.cmegroup.com/education/courses/understanding-the-benefits-of-futures/the-power-of-leverage.html

Start trading paper PMs with leverage simply speculating on future price movement. Once start speculating with leverage then it does not matter if it is PMs, or other commodities Oil, Natural Gas, Wheat, currencies, bonds, stock indexes what matters most is controlling exposure to risk. Be very careful when speculating in paper leveraged products that includes Gold and Silver.

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@BackyardBullion does an eloquent job of explaining to others why we should invest in silver and gold. As a physical commodity, they cannot be printed like money, and their value is not impacted by interest rate decisions made by a government. While most assets fall in value, precious metals either retain or increase in value which is why they are regarded as safe havens. They are also more aesthetically pleasing to own than a set of numbers on a bank balance as you can see from those stunning Aztec Calendar rounds.

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