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WIN List an item in US & Canada and WIN Premium Membership!


Click to view the the entry topic, and to enter, based on the week your for sale item was listed:

(Below draws prize is 1 month Silver)
19th May to 26th May COMPLETED
27th May to 2nd June COMPLETED
3rd June to 9th June  COMPLETED
10th June to 16th June COMPLETED
17th June to 23rd June COMPLETED
24th June to 7th July COMPLETED

(Below draws prize is 1 month Gold)
8th July to 14th July COMPLETED
15th July to 21st July COMPLETED
22nd July to 28th July COMPLETED

(Below draws prize is 1 month Platinum)
29th July till 4th August Draw Open

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This prize draw is open to all member groups, even if you already have Premium Membership.

Why are we holding these draws?
The purpose of the draws is to encourage more trading in there US & Canada trade sections and ultimately encourage more US and Canadian members to join The Silver Forum. More members on the forum means more items for sale as well as more useful posts as well as more people looking for bargains on the internet and sharing them in the deals topics.

I would also like to have some silver coins as draw prizes in the future to encourage more trade in the US & Canada section, however for the moment we have decided to have some competitions with Premium Membership as the prizes. We may also at some point run again some competitions in the UK & Europe sections. 

What are the prizes?
Please see the weekly prizes below, each week there will be a draw and each week there is a chance for you to win a month of premium membership.

What if I already have Premium Membership?
If you already have premium membership and you win the same premium membership type that you already have then your expiry date of membership will be extended by 1 month. If you win a different premium membership type you will get an account credit. This is automatically applied at renewal. E.g. If you win a Silver premium Membership prize then (£3.49 off your next renewal) or Gold Premium Membership Prize (£6.50 off your next renewal) 

Important info:
The item listed must be located in the US & Canada and must be a genuine item for sale. Please do not try to take advantage of the competition, item must be genuinely for sale. Those found abusing the system, e.g. deliberately setting high prices / not genuinely offering their item for sale will have their entries removed and may result in other consequences as cheating is against the spirit of the forum. 

How to enter:
Please see the entry topic a in the relevant week to enter, links in the “competition weeks” section below.

To get entry into the current draw, please post the link to your listing along with the ticket number (see previous entry to determine your ticket number, if no previous entry your number will be 1) in the current weeks prize draw topic. Relevant current weeks topic will be linked to above, and pinned in the US & Canada section. Your entry is based on the date you listed your item for sale. Maximum of 5 entries per member per week. Your item must be a for sale item (for sale or exchange tag is not included. Only those marked for sale)

If there are any new members or members who need any help or have any questions about posting an item for sale, please do not hesitate to ask myself or a moderator. You can message us via our profile pages via the staff directory page, found here.

Weekly Prizes: (A chance to win each week)
Weeks 1 to 6: WIN 1 month Silver Premium Membership. 
Weeks 7 to 9: WIN 1 month Gold Premium Membership. 
Week 10: WIN 1 month Platinum Premium Membership.

Competition weeks:
Please see information in the header message in regards to competition weeks and links to enter.

Bonus Draw for all members:
The above draws are for items listed in US & Canada, however there is a bonus draw where you can win 1 month of Platinum Membership and is open to all members. All you need to do is mention the US & Canada competition in a youtube video and let your viewers know about the competition we are holding to encourage more US and Canadian members. This is open to all members, enter via the topic in the following link: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/21727-bonus-draw-for-all-members/ more info found in the entry topic.

The bonus draw is open from 19th May to 5th July (last date of entry, end of GMT) no limit on amount of entries.


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