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Trade Section - old topics automatically closed

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Trade topics without a reply in for over 45 days are now automatically marked as closed, a message is added to the topic to let the user know that the topic is now marked as closed, and if the item is for sale to please re-list. (message does not bump topic) and the topic is locked.

This means that old topics which are no longer for sale will be show as closed, allowing members to easily search only active listings by clicking on the relevant tags, e.g. for sale, to see all current items for sale.

Future improvement in the trade section will also see a "mark as complete" button for members to easily marked their sold and completed listings.

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Apologies for the amount of notifications due to topics being closed and the large amount of activity in the activity feeds.

I didn't realise it would make a load of notifications for people following me. It has also made a huge list in the activity feeds etc. 

I have already emailed the developer to see if it is possible to hide those, basically I need the auto comment that goes in a sales topic before it is closed to be put in silently, this will be done in the future, the developer is good but just takes a while to get back to me.

In the meantime, this should all go away in a day or two once it has finished marking old topics has closed, there are several years of old topics that it needs to get through. After that the closed topics won't show so regularly in the activity feed, and eventually won't show at all once it has been made silent.

Update: For the moment I have removed all followers to my profile to avoid you from getting unnecessary 
notification/email notification. Please refollow in a few days after it has got through the backlog of closing sales topics.

There will no doubt be some old sales topics you are following, each one of those you will receive a notification for, unfortunately isn't possible to disable that. In the future though the message will be silent so you won't receive any of these notifications for new closed topics as soon as the developer has done that work.

2nd update. The auto message that is added to the closed topics which says "This trade topic has been closed because there have been no posts in this topic for over 45 days. If your item is still for sale please re-list." This currently has been disabled, and all that will happen for the moment is the tag of these old trade topics will change to closed with. This hopefully will stop any of the annoying notifications, in the future after I have got to edit this message so that it can be silently added to the old trade topics it will be added to new trade topics that are closed. 

Once again apologies for the inconvenience. 

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