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for sale Byzantine Silver Coin

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Since there is some talk about ancient coins, I decided to put one of mine for sale. Some may have seen it in one of the @Numistacker videos.

It is a silver Hexagram from the Heraclius I reign, I think the heaviest Byzantine silver coin. There is an interesting story about these: In a nutshell Heraclius desperately needed money to fund his war against the Persians, so he took (or given) all the silver that could be gathered from the Church and with it minted these coins. The Byzantines and Persians fought for many years and when finally a piece was achieved, the rising Arabs came and totally conquered the Persian Empire and took about half of the Byzantine one (Syria and Egypt basically).  In this coin Heraclius is depicted with his first born son, a common practice of the time, in order to establish the next emperor and ensure smooth succession to the throne.

The asking price is 80€ 75€ plus postage, which is very competitive, as these coins go for more uncertified and the certification itself is not cheap for the Ancient tier.




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On 17/05/2019 at 19:41, goldmember44 said:

Very surprised this is still standing. My excuse is that I don't have spare cash at the moment.

True, the price is good for this coin ungraded. I just think there are not many fans of this type of coins in the forum. 🙄

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