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closed 1966 rhodesia 10 shilling - PF66cameo- SOLD

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Sold to Richard Croft thank you very much. Richard you have really a fantastic little coin there and if you take it out of the slab and put it back in its original box, you will have a memory of a country that was one of the greatest in Africa but is now reduced to absolute poverty, corruption and mismanagement. If you took that coin and put it under your shoe and scraped in along the pavement for 1 mile you could not damage it more than that country has been damaged.  

1966 rhodesia 10 shilling - PF66cameo Price £260


Composition: Gold

Fineness: 0.9160

Weight: 3.9940g

AGW: 0.117623547189223oz

Melt Value: $152.62 (4/5/2019)


Obverse: Crowned bust right

Obverse Designer: Arnold Machin

Reverse: Sable antelope

Reverse Designer: Thomas Sasseen


Ruler: Elizabeth II



1966 rhodesia-1.jpg

1966 rhodesia-2.jpg

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This one went for more last year at London coins and was ungraded and you have to add the Buyers premium. Personally I think a beautiful coin so will leave this up until Sunday then will remove and have it sent to Japan to sell here. I do not quite understand how a modern half sov can sell for the same price or more but this has so much historical numismatic significance and represents a country which used to be the 17 richest in the world but as modern Zimbabwe is now one of the poorest.

This one is a very nice grade and is the only one graded at this grade. Most of these coins were melted down by Mugabe's wife grace and used as bathroom fixtures and although one can appreciate she has added to the aesthetics of her bathroom, for me it would be like taking a proof 1893 £5 and putting under your shoe and scraping along the pavement. I am sure great fun but does not really add to society. 



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