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Collectable paper money a good investment?

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Having recently sold some paper money I inherited on a well known auction site, I am beginning to wonder if it is a more straight forward trade and or income then pm's and numismatics.

For one assessing the grading (IBNS system) seems simpler if done yourself not 3rd party, 2ndly no fluctuating spot price as the underlying (paper) is essentially worthless, 3rdly storage deterioration and possible shipping damage seems less of an issue.

On the last point how many times has one of us experienced damage in shipping....

Of coarse paper is not an absolute store of value, like pms though history, nor can you garantee which notes will rise in value.

Let me know your views on paper money as a hobby, investment or side trade.

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Thanks for starting a thread on this topic; it's an area of collecting that I know nothing about but it does appeal to me.

Will be interesting to see what others think and advise.....

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Spinks (London) is having a banknote sale 'The Lou Manzi & A. J. Simms collections' on the 9th May viewing 7th & 8th if anyone is in London and at all curious about British banknote collecting.

Btw i don't have any affiliation with Spinks, just putting the word out if anyone wants to familiarise themselves with some high quality examples of banknote collecting.  Its not every day that you get the chance to view first hand the best known examples of certain varieties of note.


Some fascinating history contained in these lots, perhaps my favourate's are the Bernhard WW2 german forgeries of BOE white notes and the 1914 Treasury notes sometime called Bradbury's.  The latter where released at the outbreak of WW1 to cover the shortage of Sovereigns.  Incidently enough many early examples ie 1914 first and second  edition Treasury notes would give sovereigns a run for their money!

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