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Goals for 2019

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I know it is a little late for resolutions, but I have been in the long process of deciding WHAT exactly I want to do with gold. After some long self-debate, I've decided to collect Pre-33 American gold, as being strictly tied to spot price was not something that worked for me. The goal is to pass this wealth on to my children when I do. So, I sold two my Krugs and five silver rounds and picked up an MS61 1915 $10 Indian. 


The goal is by 2020, to have a face value of $100 in American Pre-33 gold in at least MS61. Although I do have some raw coins (a $5 and $10 Indian) which I think I may just bite the bullet and get graded for uniformity sake, my total at the moment is $30 in face value. After the $100 mark, I probably look at adding $10 face value of key date Peace Dollars and Morgans. I'm not sure though, but that's okay. I have time. 

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My goals are modest by many standards.

Save a small amount into different bank accounts till there is enough money once or twice a year to buy a decent amount of physical gold and shares/funds for my Stocks and Shares ISA then retaining the remaining cash in case of emergencies. This is a good discipline for me as if I get an idea I tend to want to run with it straight away - like scratching an itch. Cost averaging is a great tactic with buying physical gold but I find the shiny-shiny buying process a bit addictive so it ends up counter-productive (for me).

I am effectively starting out as far as financial planning for the long term goes (arguably starting again, but it's a long story) so the only potential flaw is maybe I have too many goals at once - several shares, funds, physical gold, cash, plus increasing my pension contributions - all on a modest budget without getting into debt. But if plans change throughout the year I won't have done much beforehand - I may have mentally decided to put 60% into shares and funds and 40% in gold but if I decide after eleven months to completely change direction I can as I haven't been moving the money that way each month. The yearly bonus (if it continues) is the biggest driver of this idea.

I have found the stocks and shares ISA thread on here very useful and have re-read it a few times, for anyone else starting out in this area like me.

Ramblings over.

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I am collecting gold at bullion prices, sovereigns and queens beasts. I am stacking silver and platinum lowest premium possible. Platinum is the higher priority but we will see what happens with Brexit, it might be more sovereigns and less platinum., heres hoping.

By 2020 I aim to have the 8 ounces of queens beast gold, we will see about the rest, depends on the landscape.

Shares, cash and pension are on autopilot for now.

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Goal remains unchanged 2019/2020 allocate 10% total net worth into PMs with ratio 25-30 oz Silver for every oz of Gold. Waiting for lower spot price in Gold/Silver higher GBP/USD before making the next large PM purchase consist of Silver (2 oz & 10 oz) & Gold (1 oz) Queens Beasts Yale of Beaufort + White Lion of Mortimer + White Horse of Hanover + White Greyhound of Richmond.

Once QB series finished my full position in PMs established and I won't be making any further larger purchases in PMs BUT gold go below $1,000 it is at that point I would start seriously considering bringng back funds invested in Government Bonds/Mutual Funds in India and doubling down on Gold via purchasing from the European Mint.

Goal after 2020 remain in cash signs that a global recession happen next couple of years and asset prices should significantly fall. I do believe that we may have one or potentially two merry go rounds where central banks carry out QE and zero interest rates to reinflate stock/property market could represent buying opportunity for those who remain cash liquid. As always the goal be vigilant of inflation where ever holding your investments and know that gold is money and everything else is credit have a strategy move assets into physical Gold quickly as possible if the circumstances should arise.

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