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closed "YouTube Ripple" Series - Pours 1 to 10 (2019) Hallmarked Hand Poured Silver (with video database)

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Howdy all!

Since starting silver pouring I have videoed some of my pours to edit together nice silver pouring compilation videos. 

In 2016/2017 we made 250 numbered pieces which featured in various compilation videos. 

In 2018 we made 150 pieces

2019 is projected to be between 75 and 100 pieces as we are flat out so busy that we cannot devote as much time as usual to pour these "enjoyment" pieces. 

I am also re-naming the series to the "YouTube Ripple" series. For a piece to qualify in this series it needs to be videoed and shared as part of the pouring compilation videos. This allows customers past present and future to verify their pieces without a shadow of doubt. The ripples on each and every piece are unique and you can see the different patterns forming. 

Weights, sizes and moulds will vary piece to piece as it is a "flavour of the moment" affair when I am pouring.

That said, I am more than happy to include any specific requests for pieces and if you would like a specific serial number then we can also reserve that for when we get there. 

A "Silver Pouring compilation" video of these pieces will be released on Sunday this weekend. 

But, for the time being, here are the first 10 pieces of 2019.

**SOLD Pour #1 - "YouTube" Bar - 4.64 ozt - £105 SOLD**

Pour #2 - Antiqued "The Baramid" - 7.33 ozt - £165

Pour #3 - Antiqued "Pirate Round" - 2.75 ozt - £68.50

Pour #4 - Antiqued "Groovy Wave" Round - 5.19 ozt - £115

Pour #5 - Antiqued "Tiki Statue" - 1.86 ozt - £45

Pour #6 - "Tiki Statue" - 1.66 ozt - £38

Pour #7 - Antiqued "Tiki Statue" - 1.75 ozt - £42.50

Pour #8 - "Spiders Web" Round - 3.13 ozt - £72

Pour #9 - Antiqued "Spiders Web" Round - 3.05 ozt - £72.50

Pour #10 - Antiqued "Spiders Web" Round - 2.49 ozt - £60

All pieces are hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office and are ready for immediate dispatch. 


Prices include UK postage, international postage is +£10 tracked and +£5 untracked for orders under £100, free tracked for orders over £100

Happy to combine postage with group orders and/or The Silver Forum Bars, if so please deduct £3 off the price to combine shipping. 


Banks Transfer. I can accept payment in € and $ for best exchange rates

I also can accept payment in certain crypto currencies (fees apply). 












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44 minutes ago, kimchi said:

Why? Tongue in cheek?

Edit - sorry I just saw this is the sales section where anything not on topic is not allowed. I'll report my post as off-topic and ask for it to be deleted :)

Entirely on topic i will reply with reference to the design of the bar. i saw this bar on the video BYB did to the Edinburgh assay offfice - it was prominently shown in the video. It grabbed my attention - It was the Federal Reserve note cap stone triangle motif - the pyramid of the all seeing eye - so i now call it the illuminati bar.

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