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for sale 2 oz. Simpson Family Coins

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I am brand new to this forum so please bear with me. I am also very weak at computing, so. I have 5 Simpson Family 2 oz. coins directly from the Perth Mint. I want to sell the first one for $170. I live in the Houston area. I do not know how to work this so I need your help. I also have a 2018 2 oz, reverse proof mexian libertad to sell, maybe $90. My name is Ellis. So, help me please.




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Basically you have

5 X Simpsons Family 2oz coin at $170 each

1 x 2018 2oz Reverse Proof Libertad $90

Photos of the items is recommended.  Does your price include shipping within the US and what payment method(s) are you accepting?

If someone is interested they can post directly onto this thread where you can then PM them or they can PM you directly.  From there the two of you work out payment and postage.

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The payment part is why I need help. I do not know how to arrange payment where both parties are comfortable. I am new so no one will trust me. I will have to send first I know but could the moderator step in just this once ant let me know like, "this guy has done many transactions I feel he is ok."? Or is there another suggestion? Sorry for the trouble, I will catch on soon so won't always be a bother. Thank you. P. S. Pics. are a problem right now as this is a very rummy chrome book that barely works but pis are available on most sites such as Apmex or ebay. Mine are untouhed by human hands and I will send first but this is also a problem i know.

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Neither myself nor any of the Moderators nor the forum itself can mediate any trades but I can give you some hopefully useful bits of information below.

If selling to a buyer in the UK or Europe, this service may be of use: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/16999-backyard-bullion-intermediary-sales-service-for-forum-sales-and-trades/

I presume though you will be selling to a US buyer, note that currently the US & Canada trade section does not have a lot of trade in it, however with an increasing amount of US members on The Silver Forum this section is likely to grow.

The best thing to do is to first take a picture of your item for sale with your forum username on a piece of paper within the photo, this gives some credibility that a seller does indeed have the items in hand.

To check how much trading feedback a member has, you can look to the card to the left underneath their name: Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 22.21.46.png you can also click on their image and go to their profile, you can then click on the "feedback" tab and view their trading feedback. As well as this their profile will also show you the date they joined the forum and how many posts they have made on the forum.

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