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35 minutes ago, Abyss said:

Thanks GrahamDiamond my late dad left lots of old coins only item not gone through to have a look at what is there and no idea if anything in his collection is valuable. Your video pushed to me to view his collection and catalogue everything.

The Eire coins are from my Father who was Irish and yes his name was Patrick, However he was born in India, His Father was a Director of the Burma Oil Company so I believe. All went tits up and my Fathers Mother came back to the UK with 3 Children and lived in a two up two down house after Living in a Luxury Mansion with Servants in India. We have always had bad luck in my Family, I wouldn't change a thing though at least me and my Brothers grew up happy. My ,Father had a habit of collecting Junk and not Coins, apart from these little Silver Eire Coins.

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17 minutes ago, Elements said:

I really like old penny coins

I believe I have an entire tin full of old 1 pennies and half penny coins. I keep my bullion in either tubes with Anti-Tarnish Paper and Desiccant Sachets or capsules all stored in Royal Mint monster boxes. This is my late fathers stack of coins



Have hundreds of these old half penny and one penny coins. I did not even realise we had ships on British legal tender coins in the past



Some other interesting coins caught my eye


This is the only coin seen that has the Queen smiling


2 pound coin Euro 1996 IMG_1667.thumb.JPG.854c25f963329b6c4be1ade5999fbd85.JPG

The oldest British coins I have seen so farIMG_1668.thumb.JPG.1ebe732b4cbc361188e52ec6d795d24d.JPG


Lots of foreign coins that will take a long time to decipher. I have only collected the newest and shiniest bullion but there is a lot of history that I am oblivious to with these older coins.

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7 hours ago, Abyss said:


I believe I have an entire tin full of old 1 pennies and half penny coins.

Time to get sorting through! Here’s a good quick source of info to identify the rarer ones. You might have some gems in there! The 1918KN and 1918H for example in mint condition go for 1k or more (Kings Norton and Heaton mints).



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