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Fractional gold

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4 hours ago, silenceissilver said:

Not sure but as far as I'm aware there are countries, particular in Asia and Arab countries where 22k gold is less liquid or at least less liked (although I'm sure both the Sovereign and the AGE are just a liquid there as anywhere else, in the Middle East the Sovereign was still in circulation in the 50ies which played a roll in continuing minting it - as far as I know - I'm still a beginner myself) there might be some countries with some differences in taxation (e.g. capital gain tax on 22k but not on 24k but even if you lived in such a country, if your budget is small, it would only make a difference during a hyperinflation, if you become nominally rich) but in the US is doesn't make a difference, again, as far as I know. I think the Buffalo is 24k but actuallly @Numistacker made a video about pre 1933 US coins, including fractionals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2mfotoJQ0E I think that's a good starting point if you want to consider traditional, fractional US gold coins. Personally I started stacking by cluelessly popping into a jewellery, asking what gold coins they have for ca 100 Pounds, they gave me a half sovereign, so now I'm stacking sovereigns and silver, so far.

So thank you for the video that was helpful. I appreciate it. 

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Common ideas to consider gold silver pure ratio play excluding a variety of factors like collecting preference, vat, personal ratio/metal preference, budget constraints, ROI to shares, debating validity of ratio etc...

#1: a portfolio of gold silver metals stacking fix at eg. 1:100 ratio could suggest a longer term mentality. Liquidation or swapping occurs when ratio is fix at eg. 1:40 ratio. Unless a target portfolio weight is achieve, there is a tendency for overstacking since big ratio swings are not frequent.

#2: a portfolio of gold silver metals stacking balancing at eg. 1:80 ratio could suggest a trading mentality. Stack silver if ratio is above ratio and stack gold if is under ratio. Rebalancing each time the ratio is cross. Premiums are to be kept low to contain costs, bullion stack preferable, portfolio discipline until target is achieve is crucial.

#3: a diversity of #1 & #2, for those with deeper pockets on insurance.



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