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2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens

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2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens




The Royal Mint celebrates one of the most iconic Royal Palaces of  the United Kingdom .

‘ The Tower of London’ . The White Tower  was built  over a thousand years ago, by William the Conquer, it stands proudly on the Banks of the river Thames. The Tower’s long history has seen it bear witness to some of the great events from our history,  including  Anne Boelyn who was imprisoned  and executed there,  it was also home to the Royal Mint for over five hundred years. It was even London’s very first Zoo. Today it is home to the Crown Jewels and are guarded by the Yeoman Warders, who are former members of the United Kingdoms armed forces.

The Tower is also home to Ravens, it is not known when the ravens first came to the Tower of London, but their presence there is surrounded by myth and legend. Unusually for birds of ill omen, the future of both Country and Kingdom relies upon their continued residence, for according to legend, at least six ravens must remain lest both Tower and Monarchy fall.

The first Royal Observatory was housed in the north eastern turret of the White Tower. Legend has it that John Flamsteed (1646 – 1719), the ‘astronomical observator’ complained to King Charles II that the birds were interfering with his observations. The King therefore ordered their destruction only to be told that if the ravens left the Tower, the White Tower would fall and a great disaster befall the Kingdom. Sensibly the King changed his mind and decreed that at least six ravens should be kept at the Tower at all times to prevent disaster.

This lovely silver proof Five pound coin comes complete with numbered Certificate of Authenticity, box and cardboard outer.

Metal: .925 Silver

Weight: 28.28 Grams

Diameter: 38.61

Denomination: Five Pound

Quality: Proof




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A Tower of London series?

First of four?

It seems the Mint are rolling out everything they can symbolically for the inevitable succession of Charles 3rd (or will he choose to be King Arthur?).

I hope one of the others won't be 'the two murdered princes' or 'off with her head!' (Anne Boleyn privy) :wacko:

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I’m a lousy judge of what might be the next best thing but the coin has all the hallmarks of creating a sense of FOMO- 

‘special Tower mint mark – the first time this has appeared on an official UK coin.’




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10 minutes ago, motorbikez said:

@richatthecroft I like the raven but not to fussed about the rest of the set. Re next best thing ,as collector I like what I like & aren't concerned about what's the next best thing.

To rephrase- when the thing you like and buy becomes the next best thing, I guess it makes for a very nice warm feeling inside.

I’ve not experienced that feeling as yet, but would like to! 

I like this Raven coin too.



Edited by richatthecroft

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2 hours ago, HelpingHands said:

That reminds me of the Shetland Raven. 



Loved the Shetland Raven, such a shame they folded. I had five,  but only have one left now and they command a heavy premium.

Will definately buy the Tower one.

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As quite a few others have commented, the raven design is quite pleasing.

Not really wanting to spend that sort of money on a proof, and at the same time am not really interested in collecting cupro-nickel coins - so am wondering if Royal Mint Bullion will be bringing this series out later? Though it might prove to be as (un)popular as the Landmarks of Britain series??

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