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closed Jack Daniels Pen.

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Here you go, I have been working hard on a couple of pens. This one is made from Oak, but more importantly it's a piece of a Jack Daniels barrel used for their famous Whisky.  

I must say I am NOT 100% happy because of a tiny gap. You can not tell but I can. You can see it on my latest video in that section. 

It's 24ct gold plated. And has an extra treat, it comes with a sealed bag of the shavings that came off from the wooden stave whilst I was turning this pen. Makes for a great aroma or used in BBQ's for smoking. Yummmm.

As per all previous exchanges here are the basics. 

First, I AM IN THE UK. LOL. 

If you would like this you just pay for shipping. If you don't like it when you receive it simply send it back. Postage in the UK is about £4.

If you like it you can send me MILKY, spotted or scratched silver that I will be using for my pouring.  

However I have been asked by a few people if they can send money. I do not want to miss an opportunity to get silver so I have accepted this too. 

You decide how much silver or money you value the pen at. 

If you need help ask @kimchi or @BackyardBullion or @Big23 all who have recieved my pens. 

Kimchi is kind of my Q&A man. It's costing me Tea and Biscuits.  LOL 









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Is this still available Jon?

Enjoyed the vid on this one as always. Lovely pen, very special wood :)

On 14/11/2018 at 09:14, terakris said:

Having just received a Pen from @jonrms I can 100% vouch for the quality and service of these items. They are simply stunning.

Free Bump as I'd rip his hand off for this pen if I hadn't just received a different design.

Great stuff, told ya! :D

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Last call, by Sunday I will pull this and put it aside as a gift if there is no interest.  2 or 3 oz will take this with no hard feelings. 

You can still decide before you send off any silver. Just remember that you pay postage, UK is £4 

See my latest video in the YouTube section to see it again. 

Thank you everyone,  I am off to work on one of MANY in the making. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.