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closed Win a 1oz Silver Coin for selling an Item on The Silver Forum


Competition has ended! 

I have unlocked this topic so that you can wish the winner congregations. The winner was @JBstacker3181 so a big congratulations to you and many thanks for trading on The Silver Forum :) 

The winner of the redraw was @silversky :) 

Message added by ChrisSIlver

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Prize draw for your chance to win a 1oz Silver Coin (coin will be selected by ChrisSilver at time of draw) for selling an item on The Silver Forum.

To Enter:

1. Sell an item on The Silver Forum & Get Feedback for the sale (Note if you are listing an item for sale for the purpose of being able to enter this competition you might wish to make a comment in your topic stating that you wish for the buying member to leave feedback as not all buyers may want to leave feedback, so you may wish to make it a condition of the sale)

2. Enter the following entry number below, e..g first person enters 1, next person 2 etc. (please comment your entry number below In this topic)

3. Don't forget to save the link to your completed sales topic & also the exact date the feedback was left. This will be needed by ChrisSilver to verify your completed sale with feedback, if you are unable to provide these the draw will be redrawn.

Rules of entry:

  1. Last day of entry to this prize draw is 31st January 2019 GMT. Draw will be done on the 10th February 2019 or later, this is to allow the buyer from your sale to leave feedback. (note that topic will be locked automatically at the end of 31st January, so please enter by this date even if you haven't received feedback by then)
  2. This competition is only available for precious metals items sold in UK & Europe. (We will likely do a similar prize draw for other regions sales topics in the future though)
  3. Competition entry is only applicable for items SOLD and COMPLETED by 31st January 2019 GMT. Entry is not available for Auction, Exchange, or Wanted listings.
  4. Sales topic must be listed between 30th October and 31st January 2019. For sales topics that do not fall between these dates are not entitled to entry. 


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6 hours ago, jonrms said:

I have sold things, I don't know if I have feedback but I try to leave them when I buy from people.


If you have sold an item from 31s 30th October 2018 or later and have received feedback for this sale, please then comment with "Ticket 1" below. 

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