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🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅


Find the Christopher Prize Draw results topic here: 


Message added by ChrisSIlver

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9 minutes ago, Bullionbilly said:

Thats now bad going shifting all those clippings !

To be fair with the uncertainty over Brexit and the future of Terry May (Mark Thatcher in drag) I think the toenail clippings have surged as somewhat as a safe haven, it is certainly looking like a very generous prize at present :)


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1 hour ago, Alun said:

Just like to say a massive thanks to @Bullionaire received my festive gift this morning and ❤ the fact he's wrapped them and sent a card 😁

And 2 wonderful ounces of silver I didn't own added to the stack. A 2018 brittania and a 2012 maple leaf.

Big thanks also go to @Bullionbilly for organising such a great community event.


Looking forward to sending my prize out soon.





You're very welcome Alun! Glad you like the card haha. My expert art skills on display!

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On 08/12/2018 at 06:13, jonrms said:

Silversnake knows he won my prize, which is packaged up waiting to be shipped. He was very honest and reminded me NOT to ship it because he is a new member. 

So as his prize is at the bottom it will be one of the last to be drawn. Which means I can't ship this out until the beginning of the year. 

It's ready and packed with a Xmas card inside too. I don't think @SilverSnake minds, I am sure he is genuine but as a precaution ( no reflection on him ) I was told it's best to hold off. Just incase. But Silversnake has been a Gentleman and I can't wait to ship it so he can SMILE!!! 😁😁😁

I understand this feeling I'm a new member too and I cant water to send mine out I think I'm #63 so I have a while till my prize. Merry christmas everyone I hope whoever gets my prize loves it!!!!

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2 x silver proof £1 coins , @Jimmock

1g gold maple , @GeorgeWoodall

Full collectors 10p set @daz

4 x £5 coins + nice coin box @Goldmick

1 oz gallus & 1/2 lunar  @Bullionbilly

2 x 1oz coins , @Cornishfarmer

1oz spider man coin , @Trumar

1.5oz maple , @JSILVER

2 x 1oz coins + £8's worth of scratch cards,  @Ryan

3 x 1oz coins , @Piggybank

1oz High relief coin , @ChrisSIlver

1oz reverse proof Noble , @airmac

5oz bar , @mr1030

100g BYB Bar,  @gsimpson

2 x 1oz maples , @evende

5 coin mixed lot , @Pampfan

1oz kook , @creative

1oz Brit , @Stats

1oz coin + secret bonus ! , @seXes

£25 paypal ,  @Abyss

3 x 1oz pick of coins or bars , @SilverStan

2.5 oz mix , @Stuart7

2oz QB & £10 Cash , @Quicksilver

3 x Vintage coins , @PansPurse

2017 Rooster , @caloundracats

Armenian Ark 2015 , @AlphaBeast

2017 Rooster , @blackadder

Pre 1965 lot , @JBstacker3181

3 coin mixed lot , @dutchman

£40 Amazon voucher , @mustynewb

Perth croc 1oz , @Spanishsilver

2 x 10th libertads , @GARYTHEMAN

1 x 1oz koala with privvy , @Deputydog

Mixed lot , @MintageSeller

2 coin lot , @jultorsk

£20 longest reigning monarch coin , @MickD

2oz Queens beast, @smiddy28

Mixed lot , @Madstacks

1oz oreo brit + £1 note, @Csaba

1 oz copper round & 1oz silver @Foolssilver

1oz silver coin, @Lunar17

2oz Beast, @PhelpsSilver

1.5 oz silver , @Stacknsave

2oz lion , @Tomcbol

1 oz noah's Ark & 1oz 2015 privvy kook , @Oldun

2 x 1oz pieces , @tmars104

Mixed coin lot , @Schnitzel

TBC. @Silvergulag

£25 paypal , @Modem21

3.5 oz lot. , @SilverSnake

3 coin lot , @NumisNewbie

2oz siren , @VonHaida

Xmas loo roll !

Edited by Bullionbilly

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Just now, JBstacker3181 said:

Congratulations to all the winners so far and a special thanks to @Bullionbilly for setting this whole thing up 👍👍. I know I wake up excited every morning to find out who won what!!! Anyone else feel that way??

Haha... cheers

I just wake up hopung i get it right 🤪

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18 minutes ago, seXes said:

@Bullionbilly just to be sure. I and @Nick1368 dont exchange gifts? He will wait for his turn to be drawn? 

yes that's right, sorry I totally misunderstood this part of the draw, OMG  🤣😀😉😂

anyways your £50 Nike gift card has now been purchased and sent to you, I hope you buy yourself something cool and enjoy it.

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