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As with my previous pens, this one is no different in the terms. 

First about the pen. I have just finished making this pen. I had experimented a couple of years ago with saturated wood. But NEVER any success until now!! This one has had the opportunity to sit and take in the die. 

I believe it to be oak wood, I apologise as it's been a long time and the die has affected it's natural grain pattern. It's brought out a Tiger stripe like pattern. This pen is of a good size for both men and woman. And would make a very nice gift. 

If you would like it please let me know if it's for YOU or a Gift. 

I have a nice box this can sit in. 

My requirements are you pay for postage.  

You after recieving it decide if you like it or not. 

If you do, I only ask of a trade of 1 to 3 oz of silver for this pen. It must be stamped, all .999 silver please. I am using this to smelt down to make my bullion bars which I will be selling later. If you do want the box please consider this. Postage is about £4. I have 2 references so far and feel free to ask. 

@BackyardBullion and @kimchi

Please DO NOT SEND collectable bullion. I can NEVER part with it and it ends up in my safe. I prefer scratched, milk spotted and dented bullion. 

I have another pen or 2 coming very soon. The next one should be ready by tomorrow and the other if all goes well by the weekend or Monday  that last on a will be a fountain pen.  


Any specific requirements please pm me. I will work with you the best I can. But due to my back I am not able to always do this. So I prefer a no time line approach. 

Thank you and if you want it please reply to this thread.







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Sending to Big23

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It's a Gun Metal.   It's not shiny, it's not dull. Very hard to explain. I will take some more photos with white behind it to help. 






Edited by jonrms
Adding more pictures

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I've started composing a few replies to this topic and had to delete them. The first one I said I was gutted at this because I grabbed the last pen (incredible work @jonrms) which was a custom present for my sister's birthday at the weekend. She's a 'perfume and designer clothes' gal generally but she absolutely loved the pen, it meant an awful lot. These are not 'just' beautifully hand-crafted pens by a very skilled gentleman, they are real keepsakes.

I was gutted in that this one grabbed my eye immediately, but I had the last one (otherwise this would be gone as soon as the listing came up!), and I know Jon wants to spread the happiness with these, and you've got to respect that :)

This one resonates with me because of the wood and the colour, and it is absolutely stunning once again, the grain on that is incredible :o So I scrapped the first message and the second said, basically 'sorry guys I'm a greedy sod so I'm having it!' but that certainly wasn't right, so luckily I didn't post it!

3 ounces (or whatever you think it's worth) for this is an absolute steal imvho, I can't believe it hasn't gone already!

I will also say having chatted to and received the first pen from Jon he is a top man, a real gent, and an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, I will bet an ounce of silver whoever grabs this will not be disappointed in any way whatsoever (in fact absolutely the opposite)!


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29 minutes ago, Big23 said:

Received today, thank you very much!

Stunning piece of art! :)


Are you really happy????? Show and tell..... But don't show my details please.... I want to see that it made it's way safely....

And I am VERY happy if you are happy...…

That is the ONLY one and I will NEVER do another....

But a Huge thank you for letting me know it arrived …. I hope the packaging was up to par.

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