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4 minutes ago, Silversaving said:

This pic is almost 3 years old now and well before I went bonkers on poured silver, but it's the best I can do since I'm too lazy to get everything together these days.


So it’s safe to say you like Silver then 😜

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For your entertainment ...


  • 100lbs = 1458toz = 20995.20$us @14.40$us/toz
  • 100lbs = 1458toz = 17700.12€eu @12.14€eu/toz
  • 100lbs = 1458toz = 15702.66£uk @10.77£uk/toz
  • 100kg = 3215toz = 46296.00$us @14.40$us/oz
  • 100kg = 3215toz = 39030.10€eu @12.14€eu/toz
  • 100kg = 3215toz = 34625.55£uk @10.77£uk/toz
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Here's another pic of more recent stuff. Found this guy on facebook. He uses delft clay to make molds for his pours. Details on every piece he does is extraordinary. Pieces go from about 1oz to a hair over 10oz for the "freedom bomb" up top


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One more pic since I'm on a roll.  I went through a phase of really liking the 10oz Scottsdale stackers. Was sort of like playing with a bunch of oversized lego bricks. Anyway, for people that want to see a bit more weight, here you go.



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This is my stack of 318 oz.  I have about 20 oz of silver and a 1/4 oz of gold still on its way to me.  I'm planning on thinning the heard and getting rid of my few pours.  I'm going to focus on mint tubes, individual coins and 10 oz bars.


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51 minutes ago, mr-dead said:

Big Bars




Tiny Bars


Bullion 1oz ers (apart from a 50 peso + 1 X 1/2 of Britannia)


Proof 1oz QB's


Proof 100g gold panda


2017 proof sovs


Bullion sovs


King Phillip II of Spain gold Escudo cobs (doubloons) from 1556 - 1598



Silver stack


Proof 150g Panda


BAZINGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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