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Collecting Sovereigns

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Hi all, I've been a spectator on this forum and have enjoyed reading numerous post and viewing some beautiful coins but now I'm plucking up the courage for my first post.

As gold is relatively cheap at present I've decided to add some diversity to my portfolio and invest some money in to Gold and Silver. Having recently purchased some silver coins including the queens beast collection my eye has been drawn towards Sovereigns which has become some what addictive!! Initially wanted to purchase for investment but now i like the idea of starting a collection that in the future I hope will increase in value and can potentially sale when my children want to buy their first house or for their education etc.

Therefore, I recently purchased a 2013 and 2015 proof sovereigns as these are the birth years of my children and also own the 2018 proof and 2017 SOTD. I intended to purchase a coin each month or two, however due to the premium of proofs, I wanted some expect advise regards if you think it is wise to purchase all proof coins all mix up my collection with some bullion coins? Looking at a few dealer websites, for some older coins proofs carry around a £100 premium and therefore was wondering if this part of the invesment is effectively dead money.  I know some years such as 2002, 2005 and 2012 hold a premium and therefore the proof version will potentially be unobtainable for me but from an investment point of view would it be wiser to stick to the bullion versions and buy the odd proof at a good deal? 

Apologies for the long question, but for a first post I tried to make it a good one! 

I look forward to your comments, thanks for taking the time to read.


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I would pick up special years like birthdays and key date sovereigns in proof and generic years in bullion but everyone is different and im sure others will post their thoughts.


Important to factor in your plans for cashing out.  Bullion sovs are quick and easy to sell in bulk.  Proof sovs may take a little longer to achieve the best price.

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12 hours ago, NRSovereign said:

Bullion sovereigns will just track their intrinsic value so you will be riding the gold price , proofs and numismatic sovereigns normally hold their money even when gold price drops but be careful not to pay to much premium on sovereigns though :)

Big question is! How much is too much premium. The price list that came with the latest Marsh book gives some indication on the special modern varieties I guess! 

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Bullion sovereigns can be had for as little as 3.5% over spot , numismatics and proofs don’t really work on a % over spot for their pricing as you have to factor in condition and the rarity’s etc but always look about to find the best deals for the certain coins you like 👍

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