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Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors,

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Written by a fellow forum member, this is a great book to own.

As a service to the community, I have managed to acquire a limited number of these books in English from the author at cost price.

Within the UK £10 including P &P. Outside of UK, please message for shipping costs. PPFF or BT.

Review as below.


Please message me if interested.

Sorry Mods if in the wrong category. Please feel free to move accordingly.



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For those members in the EU the cost including postage is 15 Euros.  Happy to accept payment via PPFF in Euros to help you out. Of course if you want to pay in sterling that would be ideal.


Added 0 minutes later...

Other countries, happy to provide a quote giving you various options of delivery.

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@ Coinosseur,

I received the book last week and really like it.  The layout and information provide a good resource for bullion collectors.  There are a few "omissions" that you might want to consider in future editions.  The countries of Andorra (Eagles), Gabon (Springbok), Kazakhstan(Snow Leopards), Russia (St. George), and Ukraine (Archangels) have also produced series of bullion coins.  Additionally, some countries have produced "one off" bullion coins such as Suriname.  I don't know if the scope of your book would eliminate these from being listed, but they are worthy considerations for additions.  The rarity tables in the back of the book were a nice addition and by and large I agree with your assessments.  However, when it comes to the Maple Leafs and US Silver Eagles there are certain years which command substantial premiums by virtue of rarity.  You accurately assessed the key dates in the Libertad series, giving the 1999 Libertad a rarity rating of 3 (mintage: 95K), but in the maple leaf the key date of 1997 only has a mintage of 100K with a rarity rating of 1 star.  It routinely sells to collectors for between 3X and 4X spot.  The 1996 Silver Eagle is the key date in that series and it routinely sells at 2.5X to 4X spot.  A reexamination of the rarity ratings for those series might be beneficial.  Overall, though, great book, and I look forward to future editions with updates.

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@caloundracats, my “Bullion Book” arrived safe and secure today...thank you very much for the opportunity to add this to my growing references.

@coinosseur, excellent book thus far, which is a great resource to help me with my limited silver collection. I tend more towards gold, but I can already tell that this will be very informative in helping make my silver collecting decisions.

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