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GoldSilver.Be taking payment in GBP

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Hey Guys,

Longtime browser, no time poster!

Anyways been silver stacking for a while now and just made a recent purchase on goldsilverbe,

They're now taking payment by Bank Transfer in GBP which saves on currency fees and also it was the quickest I've seen the order update to invoice/ processing/ sent,

Thought might be of interest to some guys here and keep buying the cheap silver!



... Sorry if already thread about this :D

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My most recent order with GS.be encountered a payment problem with Transferwise who had blocked their account.
GS.be suggested I use Currencyfair so I set up an account with them and all was processed quickly.
However I believe there is a risk using Currencyfair because even though you specify the amount to pay in Euros it can be changed at the very last minute so GS.be might not receive the full amount they invoiced. In my case they received more than the invoice so I need to look into this. A few days later Transferwise contacted me and said they had resolved the problem with GS.be ( too late for this order though ). Using their UK account would be more efficient but what exchange rate is used ? I know when STG and CoinInvest offered a UK account their rates were very good.

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I worked out their exchange to about 3%.  After emailing Transferwise they said they had made a mistake and they reinstated the Electrum LT (GS.be) accounts.  However when i went to place an order it was removed again, so done with them (petty banning crypto in the first place, then poor research). 

I have a Revolut account so went with that, its not as direct as Transferwise, you have to transfer into the Revolut account first took hour or two early on week day.  So set your order then do the transfer.  I sent an extra £10 to cover any last minute fluctuations in currency, stays on account till next time.  Exchange rate/fees slightly better than Transferwise too.

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I was going to post about this too. REVOLUT

So I order EU 459 worth of silver from Goldsilver.be

They send me a reference number and their bank details / bill for E459

I send EU459 worth of British pounds into REVOLUT and convert it into Euros.

I then send the EU 459 to GoldSilver Be and quote the reference number they gave me ? 

My question is, when I have sent money to Coinbase before buying Crypto, I was given a reference code for me and that code remained with me.

If GoldSilver.be send me a reference code for each purchase does this mean that every transaction will be a completely different one / a clean slate in the eyes of REVOLUT ? 

Any tips on using this would be much appreciated.

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