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Why are so many analysts out of touch with the majority of american's financial situations?

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(I wasn't sure where to put this topic btw so if it needs move by a mod please do so)


Hello, as a newer stacker, I don't have much to state experience wise, with investing itself, but as an individual who has lived on both extreme ends of the spectrum in my life, I do feel that I am qualified to talk about this. 

Not only have I seen a lot of precious metal articles about this, or with this general overtone, but I've also seen it in numerous other financially related articles....

And what I mean by that is I am constantly seeing these articles written from a standpoint where the author has deemed that the majority of Americans (and to a lesser extent the denizens of the world over) are financially well off. Which in my extreme opinion couldn't be any further from the truth. 

Here is an article from CNN published back in October of 2017, talking about how a "couple making 200k$ a year is barely scraping by". When I read this article , shortly thereafter I typed up a comprehensive list dissecting their budget, and picking out what was necessary and what wasn't and the end result was laughable. I don't want to delve into this and sidetrack too much, but lets just say that regardless of how you look at it, 50-70%  of their budget was a joke, and was used for unnecessary expenses, or greatly overblown expenses. (and if needed I can type my findings up). Most American households are bringing home annually less then 50k a year and could only dream of taking vacations or owning a new car or a terracotta mansion on the beach. I mean comon...lets get real here, how the hell are they spending 12k a year on food? Even a family of four spending 400$ a month on food (which is a lot in almost any state) only amounts to 4800 a month. This family in CNN's article is spending literally 1000$ a month on food. My mind is blown. And yet they are "barely scraping by" lol

And there other articles like it, many many more like it. 

So anyways, I just got done reading an article about how investing in physical precious metals paints a target on your back in SHTF scenarios. And while I agree to some extent, something in the article, maybe the way it  was written, this..this " if you buy physical metal your a dumbass " tone, got me thinking. Not everyone, in fact the vast majority of Americans simply do not posess the finances to go out and buy hundreds of dollars in precious metal stocks, or hell, even to go out and drop hundreds-thousands of dollars on bullion as if it was nothing every week. Most Americans are either living in poverty, or they're not far from it. At the very least, most Americans have no savings, and have no ability to even began investing in stocks, or precious metals, or what have you. 

Now I know this is all because of a variety of reasons: some people have debts, some people have many mouths to feed, some people simply don't get paid enough, etc etc. Now I'm not going to sit here and find the faults in people's decisions, and say who is and who isn't to blame on why so many families and individuals don't have any money, but case in point, the majority of households simply don't have the means to invest in much of anything. 

Now, I take this back to my original point, why are so many authors of financial articles out there so remotely unattached from the financial realities of so many Americans and people globally? 

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Probably because they only deal with people who take an interest in their articles, a targeted demographic, ie those who can afford to invest. The rest are probably regarded as plebs and do not enter their thinking.

Maybe they, and others should remember:

'There but for the grace of God go I'.

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Along lines of above, the typical journalist is middle class graduate on a decent salary, writing for middle class or upper-middle class people on decent salaries.  They write about what they know without proper research.  But then we tend to see a lot of the other end too, being told how poor everyone is and struggling, when most people only struggle financially because they buy into consumerism and live beyond their means. Globally absolute poverty is reducing, we're told to feel sorry for the factory worker in Malaysia on $5 a day or what ever, but they are greatly richer than a generation or two ago. 

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3 hours ago, caloundracats said:

Probably because they only deal with people who take an interest in their articles, a targeted demographic, ie those who can afford to invest. 

I guess I hadn't considered that. Makes sense. 


3 hours ago, Martlet said:

Along lines of above, the typical journalist is middle class graduate on a decent salary, writing for middle class or upper-middle class people on decent salaries.  

And this puts it into a bit of detail. I suppose you are probably right. Sort of like the "ruling elite" take care of their own kind of thing. 

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Cable Network News is simply a controlled propaganda outlet.  [The budget article was CNBC - but they are all the same] The US media is a collection of controlled propaganda outlets controlled by a handful of corporations which are in turn controlled by a handful of people. It does not matter if they are publicly quoted corporations - it is who is calling the shots in those corporations.

You have spotted a common theme. This is not one that appeared by accident. You might say this is reporting the 'news'. Yes it is but whoever told you the 'news' is true? The 'news' is just another word for controlled propaganda. The BBC was set up to entertain and inform. Who said the people are informed about facts? Entertain and Inform means to Distract and Indoctrinate.

So you have rightly identified what is being put out is false. It does not represent what is really going on.

If we look at the official US data about the economy, inflation and employment - this is all false. The way statistics are collected and produced keeps changing. The figures are manipulated. The markets are manipulated.

The data is telling the world that the US economy is booming. The employment is at record levels for Blacks, Hispanics and almost at record levels for women. It is all fantastic. Then you look out the window, then you talk to people, then you see stores closing, then you see empty factories, then you realise it is all a lie.

I fully expect this family are actors, at the very least they are playing a part, this family (in the form presented) does not exist, it is a photoshop invention, all the spending is fictional. The budget appears unreal because it isn't real.

The controlled propaganda outlet in question is putting out propaganda. People may be struggling, they may see local stores closing but they only see the immediate world around them. To see the rest of the world they look at the controlled propaganda outlets - these paint a different picture. The gullible masses often accept this nonsense. They have been born into this lie system, they accept everything with no sufficient proof.

The authorities do not want those who could buy precious metals buying them - So buy them until your hands bleed.

The authorities want people to spend all they can on consumer items to keep the beast going a little longer. So reject all this stuff. Go prepper and as part of that get precious metals.

You have spotted what is before all our eyes but only the few who have lifted the veil can see the truth.

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On 30/09/2018 at 03:39, Lowlow said:

Because they are urban people writing for an urban audience about urban problems, proposing urban solutions.

due to the fact they are urban humans writing for an urban target market approximately urban troubles, providing urban answers.Dafont FileHippo

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