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CRYPTO : Today I bought.....

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On 12/12/2018 at 19:52, Scuzzle said:

I bought a few more Litecoin last few weeks as it went back to the price it was when I started buying initially, £100 got you 3 Litecoin, I bought at this then it went 4 for £100 so I bought more and if it had gone 5 for £100 I would have bought more yet but every time it gets close it takes that little bouce back up.  I'm going to hold until September and the Litecoin halfing and if it's not back up after this then I'm just going to buy metals with the lot.

I'm not really sure where Litecoin will end up. But if BCH blows up ( I want it to haha ) then more backing for Litecoin.

I think BTC ETH & LTC come out on the new HTC blockchain phones soon which should be interesting although I'm not expecting one in my Christmas stocking this year.

Having bags full of LTC seem like a good idea ( I might have some ) ya never know

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On 13/12/2018 at 09:24, HelpingHands said:

Ive been thinking about the halving too as it will give a bit of a signal how the btc halving will play out in May 2020.

Aug is a while away to have too much tied up but I'll see how it goes.   The maximum satoshi profit could be to sell a month or so back to btc before the halving.  You'd need to watch how the hype grows and whether you'll need to front-run the front-runners.

Also the ETH Constantinople fork should be around Jan 16th.   This upgrade include a reward reduction from 3ETH per block to 2ETH... so a twothirdening?  Ive got my eye on this now to see if hype starts to brew.

Current price   ETH/BTC  0.0262     ETH/USD $90

Anybody who bought ETH at the above prices might want to think about a pull back here and maybe rebuy lower... current eth/ btc price   0.036

I am looking for it to return to the base around 0.053 at some point before Constantinople.    Maybe a peak being around a week before.

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11 hours ago, RowanRK6 said:

We could be seeing a bit of a bull trap on ETH atm. BCH peaked around 7 days prior to the fork, suspect we'll see similar with ETH. 

I'm out of ETH (for now at least).   I don't want to give back any profit if I can help it so will only look for quick trades now.

The block reward reduction makes this ETH fork a bit different to the BCH split fork but you are correct that it's usually more profitable to try to front run the market.  

Any large btc moves over the next week would add an extra moving part to contend with.  

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I'm not much of a trader but I run a crypto mining operation on the side and have been involved in the space for quite a few years. I have some ETH that I mined shortly after release but it's in the HODL pile till we see if they get any real traction.

Our project is actually looking to compete toe to toe with tech' platforms like ETH. Only we have a much larger infrastructure network and already have privacy features that open up a host of different options for creating utility. Our first mainstream product will be out in the next month or 2, a dVPN built on top of our node network. Not here to shill so I'll leave it at that. 

I'm a total noob when it comes to PM's but I'm here to learn and in return, I'll do my best to help answer questions about blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies whenever I can. 

Edited by RowanRK6

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