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Survey for my article

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Hello all -- I'm writing a series of article comparing online PM dealer prices. Choosing popular coins is easy, but with bars I don't have a good sense of which are the most popular since the market for bars consists of a lot of private mints, plus Perth and RCM. So some questions for you, if you please:

  1. What are you favorite bars at the 1 oz, 10 oz, and kilo sizes?
  2. What's your preferred size for silver?
  3. Lastly, what country are you in?

So far, my first article has been American-centric, since I live in Phoenix, AZ, USA. I get the impression that a lot of you are in the UK or Europe, and it will help to know if preferences are markedly different in Commonwealth countries, Europe, etc.

(The articles will be published on Medium.com, and subsequently my own website after I've revamped it.)

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Was about to hit the hay but I guess I can spare a few minutes :-)

1) My favourite 1 oz bars are the Prospectors G&Gs poured bars, gorgeous.

At 10 oz, although I dont have any, the scottdale cast kitkat bars look amazing.

1kg has to be Umicore cast bars, as a few on the forum would agree.

2) I prefer bigger chunkier pieces for aesthetics, 5 oz upwards, but 1 oz coins and bars for storage and convenience.

3) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We just call it the UK though ?


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