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Milk spotted silver to poured silver?

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I was wondering what people think about spotted or scuffed up silver coins.

Never tried selling any but I do have some like the Australian funnel web spider that are badly spotted.

I assume the price of them drops cheaper than the newest cheap coins on offer over in Europe.

If so, I was wondering about chopping them up and paying for them to be turned into poured silver at some point? ?


Chopping them up sounds difficult.  One idea I had was hamming them super thin then cutting them up.

Maybe placing them inbetween sheets of paper to avoid metal hammer marks.  Get Mc Hammering them. ⚒⚒⚒

I must admit I like using the hammer. ?




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I think you are MC Hammer lol :P

The melt fees (no need to chop up yourself) I've had so far are more than 50% of what the silver's 'worth' (at present), and that's without postage either way.

I'd just sit tight on them personally (am actually I am in the same boat and that's what I'm doing :) ). Imo the melt fees aren't anywhere near worth it (unless you're commissioning a special gift), and you have recognisable coins, milk spots and scuffs or not. It might be a mighty stress reliever to start hammering them, but better to have a silver coin that many will know of rather than a beaten up piece of metal that will need extra checks etc. All imvho :)

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Did someone say cutting up and melting coins!?!?

I am more than happy and able to cut up coins (up to 2 oz). You can do it pretty easily with a blowtorch and some tin snips. 

I am also happy to melt them into something for you - I have done it many times before for people!

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