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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I'm not the best on the technical side of crypto as I just buy and sell some, but if you help it would be great. 

So to start I store all of my crypto on my Ledger nano S.

Today I turned some Dash into KMD, I done this through shapeshift.io. I have been on to there contact but I don't think the guy understand what my problem is as I cant explain it well. 

So the transaction completed but I do not have the funds in my wallet. 

Here are the funds here from the transaction: https://kmd.explorer.supernet.org/tx/21b87ba72d633729a80d02dc082b7070b902758443d1b1be442b586600c37833

I have checked over and over and this is the exact same receive address as my wallet. But its not there. 

So i tried to find my receive address on the explorer but as it is the same address it can't be found and it has 28.26249326 KMD in it. 

I then went to each of the explorers for the other currencies I hold which are BTC and dash. I put the receive address in for these wallets on the correct explorers and these accounts can not be found either. 

I don't understand how a receive address can Have 28.2 and 5.8 at the same time but they are not in my wallet. 

If you can understand that and can help me at all it would be much appreciated thank you. 

All of my wallets are on my Ledger nano s if that helps. 

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